Taylor Swift Keeping Busy Taking Nude Photos

Taylor Swift nude selfie

Taylor Swift is in between albums right now, so she isn’t busy manufacturing drama with other pop stars or fake dating closeted homoqueer actors to gain more headlines. That leaves Taylor with plenty of free time to pursue her hobbies like knitting pillow covers, collecting Precious Moments figurines, and of course taking nude photos like the one above and the ones below.

Taylor Swift nude bathroom

Yes Taylor Swift clearly has a passion for prostituting her nude flesh, and if it wasn’t for music she’d almost certainly be working at a strip club or perhaps even a Las Vegas brothel.

Taylor Swift naked ass

However, for the time being Taylor is still employed by the Zionist controlled music industry to pump out vapid melodious pop hits for the brain dead infidel masses, and these sorts of naked pictures remain just something she does on the side for fun. Although if she ever does retire from music let us pray that she focuses her attention on the Precious Moments figurine collecting.