Taylor Swift Is Obsessed With Showing Off Her Ass

Taylor Swift ass legs stockings

There is no denying that Taylor Swift is extremely proud of the fact that her once flat ass has become slightly rounder and plumper this year. While Taylor’s tush certainly isn’t going to get her into any NBA locker rooms, she still brazenly flaunts it in photos like the ones above and while performing in the video clip below.

Seeing Taylor slowly bend over and stick out her tight little ass while on stage like this is surely a halal sight… For it reminds us pious Muslims of our beloved “bacha bazis” (dancing boys), and the moves they perform during the extremely arousing dance number known as “Cave Explorers”.

Taylor Swift ass sex

Speaking of which, any woman who is as into her own anus as Taylor Swift seems to be, is no doubt a big time anal sex addict. That is why the video clip above of Taylor getting her shit hole stretched open certainly comes as no surprise.