Justin Bieber Fan Punched Selena Gomez In The Face

Selena Gomez and her girlfriend Justin Bieber had dinner at Maggiano’s at The Grove in Los Angeles last night. On their way out a female (presumably lesbian) Justin Bieber fan punched Selena Gomez in the face. As you can see in the photo above Selena was in tears as she tries to hide her face ..

Leona Lewis Got Punched In The Face

Pop singer Leona Lewis was signing copies of her new autobiography “Dreams” in London today, when a man who had just had his book signed punched her in the face. According to a friend of Leona Lewis… “The man queued up patiently, then as soon as she signed his book he smashed her in the ..

Perez Hilton’s Black Eye

This is a picture of the noted sodomite Perez Hilton with a black eye after being punched by the manager for the Black Eyed Peas, the righteous Polo Molina. It is probably the most satisfying picture I will see all week. If Allah in his infinite wisdom allowed onanism, I would pleasure myself furiously to ..

Celebs Respond to Perez Getting Punched

There have been a few celebrity responses to the whole Perez Hilton getting punched incident. It is not surprising that celebrities are being sassy towards the noted sodomite and celebrity blogger. No word yet if any celebrities are going to doodle penises on his pic and post them on their blog though. Kelly Clarkson: “I’m ..