Miley Cyrus Seduces Selena Gomez’s Dad

Miley Cyrus Seduces Selena Gomez’s Dad

Converted Muslimina Miley Cyrus seduces Selena Gomez’s father Paco Gomez in the photo above. Now that Miley has Selena’s dad under her sexual spell, we can expect Paco to finally punish his daughter with either an honor killing, or by selling her off to a Syrian slave merchant. Regardless of how it happens, Selena Gomez ..

Khloe Kardashian’s Real Father Revealed

Earlier this week, 2 of Robert Kardashian’s ex-wives claimed that the she-beast known as “Khloe Karadashian” was not the deceased lawyer’s biological daughter. Khloe’s mother Kris Jenner confessed that she had an affair while married to Robert, but stubbornly refuses to admit that Khloe is not his child. However, earlier today Khloe Kardashian’s real father ..

Justin Bieber & Dad Topless At The Beach

Pop star Justin Bieber showed why he is a sex symbol for millions of meth addicted infidel teen girls yesterday by exposing his bare concave bird chest while out on the beach with his biological father Mr J-Fed Bieber. Much like his son, Justin Bieber’s father J-Fed is the picture of masculinity in the infidel ..

Lindsay Lohan Spends Halloween With Her Dad

Lindsay Lohan spent her Halloween assisting the elderly as part of her community service, by acting as a maid for Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner’s Halloween party. As you can see in the photo above, Lindsay Lohan received a welcome surprise when her father Michael Lohan showed up out of the blue looking for a place ..

Miss USA 2010 Scandalous Bikini Pic With Dad

The first Muslim Miss USA, Rima Faki is embroiled in a scandal over a picture of her in a tiny bikini sitting on her father’s lap while he lovely strokes her thigh. What these ignorant closed-minded kuffars fail to recognize is that Rima and her father are Muslim, so there is not a damn thing ..

Dad Regrets Taking Daughters To Justin Bieber Concert

Robert Johnson was your typical middle class all-American man, until the day he agreed to chaperone his 2 daughters and their best friend to a Justin Bieber concert. Little did Robert know that his life would never be the same. The girls blasted Justin Bieber music in the car on the way to the concert. ..

Justin Bieber’s Real Father Speaks

Justin Bieber, the name strikes fear in the hearts of men, but was he always the monster despised the world over that he is today? We ran into the man pictured above leaving a methadone clinic in Santa Clara, and we were immediately struck by his shocking resemblance to Justin Bieber. We abducted him and ..

Adam Lambert’s Dad Not Looking Forward to Thanksgiving

Chuck Lambert, father of “American Idol” runner up Adam Lambert, is not looking forward to Thanksgiving. Sources close to Chuck, a retired union electrician, say that Adam’s recent performance at the American Music Awards has sent him into a tailspin. “Ya see that guy on T.V. prancing around like Elton John and making out with ..

Joe Jackson: If Only I Had Beaten Michael Harder

In an exclusive interview with CelebJihad, Jackson family patriarch Joe Jackson spoke candidly about the loss of his son, and about how his parenting style may have ultimately played a role in Michael’s tragic life and death. “I’m not one to sit and dwell on the past, but at a time like this, when a ..