Sophie Turner And Alison Brie’s Nude Leaks Coming Soon

Sophie Turner nude leak

“Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner has just had the preview photo above of her laying naked in bed leaked online. This picture is proof that a set of Sophie’s private nude photos exist, and that they are being traded on the so-called “Dark Web”. This means that (like all the other celebs in the past) these Sophie pics will eventually be released to the mainstream during the next “Fappening”.

Alison Brie nude leak

Of course Sophie Turner will not be alone when the next big celebrity leaks come, as Alison Brie also just had the nude preview photo above leaked to the Web.

Alison Brie leak proof

With our vastly superior intellects it didn’t take us Muslims long to confirm this upcoming Alison Brie leak as authentic, for as you can see in the photo above Alison had the same phone case back in 2012 when the leaked photo was taken.

The only thing to do now is to sit and wait for the inevitable onslaught of Sophie Turner and Alison Brie nudes to start pouring forth… And you can rest assured that us pious Muslims will be here to extensively document every depraved moment.