Sophie Monk Goes Swimming In A Cold Pool

Sophie Monk Goes Swimming In A Cold Pool

Professional temptress Sophie Monk was photographed in a sexy little bikini by a pool in Mexico. Either Sophie really enjoys swimming or the pool water was cold because she is nipping out big time in these pics. To be honest I have no idea who Sophie Monk is, but after viewing these pics I’d consider ..

Sophie Monk Gets Topless Again

Sophie Monk is hot. She’s even hotter when she’s topless. That being said, here are pictures of Sophie Monk topless. Apparently it’s for some movie she’s shooting. I beleive it’s a Biopic about Helen Keller. At any rate, enjoy the photos. &nbsp

Sophie Monk Nip Slip Photos

Yesterday Sophie Monk was at the beach filming a docudrama about the life and times of Mother Teresa. She was just about to shoot the scene where Mother Teresa has an epiphany and realizes that God wants her to move to Calcutta and work among the slum dwellers, when lo and behold her right nipple ..