Sarah Palin Drunk Topless Photo Leaked

Sarah Palin Drunk Topless Photo Leaked

A photo of former Vice Presidential candidate and Alaskan governor Sarah Palin flashing her tits while drunk at a Republican fundraiser has just leaked to the Web. With the right-wing desperate to put the party back in the image of the Republican party, this Sarah Palin topless photo couldn’t have come at a better time. ..

Sarah Palin Wants To Hunt Black People

Sarah Palin Wants To Hunt Black People

Sarah Palin wants to hunt black people. However, before you sissy liberals get your pretty pink lace panties in a bunch you should know it will simply be a tag and release hunt. They do it to wildlife in Alaska all the time! According to sources at the US Patents Office, Sarah Palin has applied ..

Levi Johnston Finds a G.I. Joe Action Figure In His Anus

Call it a classic case of country mouse/city mouse. Levi Johnston, who is in from Alaska to promote his upcoming appearance in Playgirl Magazine, got more than he bargained for on his first trip to “the big city.” After a night of hard partying with his new “Hollywood friends,” Johnston awoke with a dull pain ..

Five Job Suggestions For Sarah Palin

Now that Palin’s out as governor of Alaska the media focus has shifted to what she’s going to do next. Since we know Palin is an avid reader of CelebJihad, we have kindly decided to offer her five suggestions we feel would be in her best interests (and ours). Waitress at Applebee’s What better place ..

The Least Shocking Celebrity Revelations of All Time

In case you haven’t heard the shocking news, Clay Aiken “admitted” he’s gay. Next thing you know Barack Obama is going to “admit” he’s a Muslim, or I’m going to “admit” that isn’t funny. EVERYONE KNOWS! When a man named ‘Clay’ who looks like a cross between Billie Jean King and K.D. Lang decides ..

John McCain: ‘You’re Gonna Marry That Little Whore!’

The following is the transcript of a recent conversation between John McCain and the father of Sarah Palin’s illegitimate granddaughter, Levi Johnston. Levi. Mind if I call you Levi? Wait; don’t answer that. Truth is I don’t give shit, you little fuck. I’ll be damned if some stupid fucking teenager who can’t figure out how ..

Exclusive: Gossip Mags Bid for Nude Palin Pics

Palin’s promiscuous and pornographic past poses peril for presidential polls. JUNEAU, AK — Former oil worker Richard St. Joseph released the top portion of what he claims is a nude photograph of presumptive GOP vice presidential nominee Governor Sarah Palin. St. Joseph, a retired custodial engineer for Exxon Mobile, dated the governor for a brief ..