15 More Little Known Facts About Gary Busey

Gary Busey is the most interesting man in the world. But unlike the guy from the Dos Equis ad campaign, Gary Busey does not drink beer. He only drinks the wine that he distills from orange peels and motor oil in his bath tub. Before he had a life-altering epiphany, Gary Busey killed an endangered ..

Sexy Sonia Sotomayor Shots

Sonia Sotomayor is on track to become our nation’s first Puerto Rican Supreme Court Justice, and it’s easy to see why! One look at this hot empanada and you’ll be begging her to bang your gavel! No wonder those Connecticut firemen aren’t her biggest fans. A woman this hot is liable to burn down a ..

Morgan Freeman is the black Woody Allen

According to the National Enquirer, 72-year-old Morgan Freeman, America’s second-favorite black man, is engaged to his 27-year-old step-granddaughter, E’Dena Hines. Also, it is alleged that the romance began when she was a teenager! I am thoroughly disgusted. Why would a grown man choose to marry such an old hag. It’s repulsive! If he would have ..

Miley Cyrus Is Trying To Get You Arrested

I am now completely convinced that Miley Cyrus is trying to get me and every other red-blooded male arrested. How else do you explain all these sexy photos of Ms Jail Bait floating around the Interwebs? Don’t tell me her cell phone was hacked. I have much raunchier pictures of myself on my cell phone ..

Sonny’s Boner For Daughter Chastity

In a moving display of maternal support Cher has donated the preserved penis of ex-husband Sonny Bono to daughter / son (whatever!) Chastity, to be used in her upcoming female to male sexual reassignment surgery. At a press conference in Los Angeles this morning Cher revealed “After the skiing accident I had Sonny’s remains preserved ..

Madonna Shows Off Her Man Arms

Who says you can’t be a sex symbol after 70? Allah, that’s who. The “Material Girl” is back, and this time the “material” seems to consist mainly of male growth hormones she stole from A-Rod and old-lady skin. But Madonna’s grotesque appearance isn’t slowing her down. This past weekend she kicked off her “Sticky and ..

Joanna and Marta Krupa are the Hottest Sisters

Joanna and Marta Krupa are the hottest sisters since the Olsen twins (before they were legal). Mr and Mrs Krupa should be tried for crimes against humanity for only having 2 daughters. Don’t tell me they did not notice how hot they were. They could have easy squeezed out a few more and made this ..

Michael Jackson Buried Beside His Dead Career

Just moments ago Michael Jackson was laid to rest at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills. His casket was buried just a few feet away from the remains of his long-dead career. Jackson’s career, which had been a major part of the singer’s life since 1964, passed away in 2003 after a prolonged 10-year ..

Confessions From Neverland

Celeb Jihad has exclusive interviews with staff workers at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. These are the real people who saw the real Michael Jackson up close and, often times, way too personal. You won’t get these on CNN, FOX or even TMZ. Why? Because they didn’t think to send a meth head to work undercover ..

Kim Kardashian Bikini BBQ

Here are pictures of Kim Kardashian BBQing her latest kill. The woman is sadistic. Why you Americans worship her huge ass I’ll never know, but I definitely hate you for it. I hope you all choke while you are cramming phallic shaped swine down your gullets to celebrate your “freedom” this 4th of July. Peace ..