‘New Moon’ Soundtrack Causes Controversy

The Twilight Saga: New Moon staring Robert Pattinson doesn’t open until later this year, but the film’s soundtrack was released today.  Some family groups are outraged over the song choices. Is the content really inappropriate, or are parents simply out of touch with the youth of today? Here’s an exclusive list of songs from the ..

Beyonce Wears See Through Top No Bra

Beyonce understands high fashion. How many other celebrities would have ruined this see through top by wearing a bra underneath? Fashionistas know that nipples are the new “it” accessory. I expect to see nipples everywhere just flapping in the wind by next Spring. If girls want to hip and cool that is. As you can ..

Robert Pattinson Teaches How To Beat Up Dogs

Robert Pattinson wants to teach you how to beat up dogs! “It is surprisingly easy” says the actor. What started as a hobby for Pattinson has turned into a full grown obsession. “Let’s be honest I’m cowardly and feeble, I don’t stand a chance in a fight with most humans. That is why I just ..

Megan Fox Upskirt From Transformers 2

Here are the screen caps of the Megan Fox upskirt scene from “Transformers 2”. My God is this woman a good actress! I really believe that her dress flew up and her panties are showing. I’m sorry but it would be a travesty if the Oscars overlook Megan’s performance here. This has to be one ..

CelebJihad’s Shocking Lindsay Lohan Interview

CelebJihad recently caught up with Lindsay Lohan at our favorite celebrity hotspot, the local bus station. We arrived to find Lohan strewn casually across a concrete bench rubbing a powder covered credit card that expired three years ago across her gums. After briefly startling her, we were greeted energetically by the starlet as she stared ..

Leona Lewis Got Punched In The Face

Pop singer Leona Lewis was signing copies of her new autobiography “Dreams” in London today, when a man who had just had his book signed punched her in the face. According to a friend of Leona Lewis… “The man queued up patiently, then as soon as she signed his book he smashed her in the ..

Hayden Panettiere Nip Slip

Who says you have to have breasts to have a nip slip? Itty bitty titty committee actress Hayden Panettiere, who plays a cheerleader on the NBC TV series “Heroes”, shows that nip slips can happen to almost anyone. It is hard to get a good look at Hayden’s mosquito bite, but from what I can ..

Who Will Get The Cover Of Playboy Tara Or Kelly

Tara Reid has announced that she went completely naked for Playboy’s December issue. If that isn’t disturbing enough “Real Housewives of New York” star Kelly Bensimon is also set to appear naked in that very same issue. What the hell is Playboy doing? Tara Reid and Kelly Bensimon in the same issue? Are they doing ..

Miley Cyrus Almost Nip Slip

Miley Cyrus better be more careful! Her left nipple is dangerously close to popping all the way out of her top in this picture. Since Miley is still just 16-years-old, if her nipple pops out then she is producing underage porn, and I’d be forced to make a citizen’s arrest. Hey I don’t make the ..

Kristen Stewart Bites Her Lower Lip A Lot Video

Kristen Stewart the star of the upcoming movie “Twilight New Moon” is a brilliant actress. As the video below shows Kristen isn’t afraid to totally put herself into a role by constantly doing her annoying tick of licking then biting her lower lip. Rumor has it that in one intense scene in “Twilight New Moon” ..

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Ass in See Through Leggings

Desperate for attention Jennifer Love Hewitt shows off her dumpy ass in some see through leggings. Jennifer, let me just say that your whole I’m a cute little girlie girl thing doesn’t work anymore. What are you damn near 40 now? Grow the hell up, your only coming off as sad and pathetic. But I’m ..

Hugh Laurie Has A Secret Crush On Olivia Wilde

Hugh Laurie’s heart breaks as he watches his secret crush Olivia Wilde flirt with Justin Timberlake Hugh Laurie the actor who plays “House” on the Fox TV show “House” has a super secret crush on his cast mate Olivia Wilde. When the cast has downtime they like to play the game FMK (Fuck Marry Kill) ..