Victoria Secret Lingerie Fashion Show 2009

Victoria Secret just held their annual lingerie fashion show, and once again Celeb Jihad was not invited to attend. If you are half as outraged at this snub as I was then I will need to pause for a moment to let you collect yourself….. When are those Zionist pigs at Victoria Secret going to ..

New Twilight Movie Trailer ‘Vampires In Heat’

As hormonally charged teen girls and emotionally stunted women pile into theaters to see the new Twilight movie “New Moon”, the trailer for the next Twilight movie “Vampires In Heat” was just released to the Internet. This movie looks awesome! And by awesome I mean erotic. There is nothing more sexually appealing then a bunch ..

Carrie Prejean Sex Tape Screen Caps

Are these the first leaked screen caps from the former Miss California Carrie Prejean’s sex tape? If they are then it looks like we are in for a treat. Various sources are starting to report that the 2 night vision images below are screen shots from Carrie Prejean’s sex tape in which she twiddles her ..

Twilight: New Moon Panned By Critics

Twilight: New Moon is finally here, and so are the reviews. With a 30% favorable rating on, the critics are saying things that would make a vampire blush. Here’s a look at what some of the top critics had to say about the highly anticipated sequel staring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.   Peter ..

Why Oprah Is Leaving Her Show After 25 Years

Well it is official. Oprah just announced on her show that after 25 years, the next season of the show will be her last saying, “I love this show … this show has been my life and I love it enough to know when it’s time to say goodbye. 25 years feels right in my ..

Megan Fox Posing In Panties For The New York Times

It looks like Megan Fox is single-handedly trying to save the newspaper industry. People have figured out that newspapers are all owned by the big corporations, and are used for mind control and the furthering of the Zionist crusader agenda. The only way for newspapers to stay relevant is for them to use their status ..

Levi Johnston Finds a G.I. Joe Action Figure In His Anus

Call it a classic case of country mouse/city mouse. Levi Johnston, who is in from Alaska to promote his upcoming appearance in Playgirl Magazine, got more than he bargained for on his first trip to “the big city.” After a night of hard partying with his new “Hollywood friends,” Johnston awoke with a dull pain ..

Carmen Electra Lesbian Sex Tape Preview

The video below is a leaked preview of the Carmen Electra lesbian sex tape. Did you know there was a Carmen Electra lesbian sex tape? Neither did I. Frankly I am not surprised, but I am pretty damn pissed that only a preview has been leaked. So now I have to wait for the full ..

50 Cent And Michael Bay Bang Some Groupies

CelebJihad has just received these exclusive photos of 50 Cent and “Transformers” director Michael Bay picking up some floozies to take on the next available train to Pound Town. Since I am an expert on picking up slutty women at clubs, (I lure them back to my place with promises of sex then when we ..

Megan Fox Outtakes From Rolling Stone Photo Shoot

Surprisingly when Megan Fox agreed to do a photo shoot for Rolling Stone magazine the genius editors did not use every picture they took of her, leaving out the pictures below as “outtakes”. How stupid are these magazine people? If they would have filled the whole magazine with pictures of Megan Fox no one would ..

What If Celebrities Were Fat?

What if celebrities were fat? Man has pondered this question for centuries. Luckily we have people like Jessica Simpson and Kelly Clarkson to show us what it looks like when celebs get fat, but that didn’t stop people from Photoshopping other celebrities to see what they would look like fat. Of course they Photoshopped Beyonce ..

Twilight’s ‘Laurent’ Looks Like Hell

Edi Gathegi, the actor who portrays Laurent the vampire in the Twilight films, has really let himself go. Sources close to the actor say that Gathegi has been distraught since learning that his character was to be killed off in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which premiers today. “Ever since he found out that Laurent ..