Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures May Have Been Faked

Kim Kardashian made headlines yesterday with these candid pictures of her in a bikini lounging on a yacht. However, is there more to these pictures than meets the eye? After careful examination of these photos of Kim Kardashian in her bikini I have determined that they were staged and may in fact be fakes. First, ..

Nick Jonas Definitely Not Gay

Well when you are wrong you are wrong, and boy was I wrong about Nick Jonas. In the past I have suggested that singing sensation Nick Jonas may in fact be a gay, which resulted in angry comments from Nick’s teen girl fans explaining to me that Nick can not possibly be gay because he ..

Dakota Fanning Dangerously Obsessed With Her Teeth

Actress Dakota Fanning has a extreme oral fixation and not in the sexy way. Dakota is obsessed with her teeth. She can not stop talking about them. She even goes as far as to have them pulled out just so she can mention it in conversation. This obsession with ones teeth is not uncommon with ..

Miley Cyrus Blows A Leprechaun

Well Miley Cyrus has hit a new low! It doesn’t get more depraved then providing oral favors to mythical Irish creatures, and any reasonable person viewing the above picture of Miley with her tongue out can plainly see that she has been blowing a leprechaun. Blowing a leprechaun or “Lucky Charming” as it is known ..

New Twilight Eclipse Trailer

Wow fellow Twihards take a look at this new trailer I just found for Twilight Eclipse! This movie looks soooo good. I am going to have cut myself later to relieve the tension from having to wait for the release of Twilight Eclipse. Edward looks so sexy in this trailer. Of course Jacob does too. ..

Joe Jonas Definitely Not Gay

We here at Celeb Jihad have received a lot of flack from smart mouthed teen girls with low self-esteem and even lower spelling skills, ever since we suggested that singer, actor, and all around fancy boy Joe Jonas might be gay or at the very least play for both teams. Well as if to say ..

Sandra Bullock Is A Disloyal Wife

Sandra Bullock is a disloyal wife. Even after Jesse James was guilted by the Zionist media into issuing that ridiculous public apology for exercising his Allah given right as a man to pillage any woman’s vijeen he wants, Sandra still has not resumed her role at his side and instead moved out of his house ..

Jessica Alba’s Shows Serious Cleavage

Jessica Alba proves once again that motherhood has not changed her whore like ways, and its only impact on her has been saggier breasts. How I pity Jessica Alba’s child. Imagine having a mother that walked around in a revealing top like that, bent over so her bosom dangles for all to see. How much ..

Kim Kardashian Stomps Reggie Bush’s Dog to Death

Kim Kardashian was arrested and accused of animal abuse after she allegedly stomped Reggie Bush’s beloved dog to death. Miami police said they were called to Kardashian’s hotel Wednesday after a member of the cleaning staff brought the body of a dead dog to animal control officers. The dog, a small Pomeranian mix by the ..

Joslyn James Releases More Dirty Tiger Woods Text Messages

Tiger Woods’ mistress Joslyn James has made headlines today by releasing a series of very graphic text messages that Tiger allegedly sent her during their relationship. Here is a sample of the ones released that got my loins burning. – OK, I would like to have a threesome with you and another girl you trust. ..

Meet Jesse James Mistress Michelle “Bombshell” McGee

Like most of the nation I have been in tears for most of the day today after finding out that Jesse James has been having an affair behind Sandra Bullock’s back with some girl named Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. This news is so devastating that I, like most of you, will probably be forced to take ..

12 Anti-Irish Cartoons for St. Patrick’s Day

Immigrants often get a bad rap in the West. For the most part, it’s undeserved. A few bad apples (like myself) blow up a bus, behead a cartoonist, or set an unchaste woman on fire, and everyone overreacts and screams for deportations. It’s ridiculous. After all, if we are all deported, who will do the ..