Michael Jackson will look like Lando Calrissian in the year 2000

Apparently people in 1985 just couldn’t wait to know what Michael Jackson would look like at the start of the new millennium.  So Ebony magazine commissioned an artist to predict how the King of Pop would appear in the year 2000. So, how’d they do? Did Michale Jackson look like a pastel-clad Lando Calrissian in ..

Lindsay Lohan in UK GQ Magazine

Here is the picture of Lindsay Lohan from this month’s issue of the UK version of GQ magazine. She appears to be either airing out her vag, or stretching before a vigorous scissoring session with Samantha. Her butt looks pretty good though

Pam Anderson and Mischa Barton are Zombies

I regretfully must announce that Pam Anderson and Mischa Barton have been turned into zombies. When this unfortunate event occurred is still in question, but there can be no denying the photographic evidence provided below. But on a positive note this marks the first time either actress has lusted after brains!

Emma Watson Topless – Real or Fake?

This topless pic of Emma Watson was posted online by someone claiming to be her ex-boyfriend. It looks pretty real to me. What do you Photoshop experts think?

Soulja Boy’s Twitter Pictures

Soulja Boy the musical genius behind such hits as “That one song with the dance about Superman” posted the following pics on his Twitter page with the caption “Ladies only”. Unfortunately for Soulja I’m a Celeb Jihadist, so I posted his pictures in the “Casual Encounters” section of Craigslist under “M4M” (male for male). I ..

Video of Michael Jackson’s Hair Catching Fire in 1984

The video of Michael Jackson’s hair catching fire from the 1984 Pepsi shoot was finally released. Michael Jackson apologists will tell this is what caused his addiction to pain killers, but I still contend that his pain killer addiction stems from having to fit his big black wang in small children. He has so much ..

Emma Watson’s Near Nip Slip

Lord Voldemort has cast a spell on Emma Watson’s clothing. First Emma’s dress flew open flashing her panties at the Harry Potter premiere. Then another dress nearly exposed her whole breast and nipple. But luckily, Emma’s homosexual friend Harry Potter counteracted the spell just in time to prevent her perk young titty from being displayed. ..

Jon Gosselin’s Girlfriend Hailey Glassman Facebook Pictures

Jon Gosselin’s new girlfriend Hailey Glassman is going to make a great new mommy for his 8 small children. Just look at these pictures from Hailey’s Facebook. Hailey knows the importance of making friends. Hailey has a strong connection with nature. Hailey is always there to help those in need

Jessica Simpson Has A New Man

It did not take long for Jessica Simpson to get over being dumped by Tony Romo. The sexy songstress was seen getting hot and heavy with a new beau last night. “They were all over each other. Lots of moaning and groping. It was pretty disturbing” said one witness. Our source close to Simpson says ..

Monica Cruz In A Bikini

What do you do if you are the younger, slightly less attractive sister of a famous Hollywood actress? Do you just crawl into a cave and die? If you are Monica Cruz (sister of Penelope Cruz) you head to the beach, cram your bikini bottom up the crack of your ass, and you be somebody! ..

Tony Romo Breaks Up With Jessica Simpson

In yet another sign of the economic downturn, Tony Romo dumped Jessica Simpson the night before her 29th birthday, saving Romo from having to buy Jessica a present. Tony Romo’s financial adviser Richard Ginsburg released this statement “I think we all know that we are in some tough economic times right now. From a financial ..