Lion King Based on a True Story?

Was the Disney movie Lion King based on a true story? Because this picture appears to capture a real life Timon and Pumbaa hanging out together. Which is pretty awesome. Of course it is not quite as awesome as a pic of a real life mermaid with a sweet sea shell bra would be

Michael Jackson’s Burial Canceled Due To Poor Ticket Sales

Michael Jackson’s burial has been canceled due to poor ticket sales, a family spokesperson has said.   The burial had been planned for Jackson’s birthday, August 29th. But because of slumping ticket sales, investors have begun to pull their financial backing, forcing the family to postpone the service indefinitely.   Sources say the family is ..

Lindsay Lohan Fixed Her Face

Well Lindsay Lohan finally did it! She got collagen injections in her lips and nappy extensions put in her hair. For years people have been saying, “Yeah Lindsay is hot, but she would be much hotter if she looked like Brett Michaels”. Well lets see what they say now! This is just the jump start ..

Naked Picture Of Jackie Kennedy Found In Warhol’s “Junk”

Archivists sorting through Andy Warhol’s junk (no pun intended) have discovered a naked picture of Jackie Kennedy. Apparently Jackie O was good friends with Andy Warhol and had sent him the nude photo of herself as a joke. Jackie’s second husband, Aristotle Socrates Onassis, was the one who got a paparazzi to take pictures of ..

Madonna = Mary Poppins on Meth

If you’ve ever wondered what Mary Poppins would look like if she was on Meth, Madonna has been kind enough to show you. This week, the Material “Girl” celebrated her 51st birthday in Italy by desperately trying to keep the sun from melting her thin layer of remaining skin. This is Madonna’s first birthday since ..

James Cameron’s Avatar – Official Trailer

The trailer for James Cameron’s highly anticipated sci-fi thriller, Avatar, is out, and Celeb Jihad has obtained a copy. With an all-star cast and revolutionary special effects, Avatar promises to be nothing short of a blockbuster. Enjoy this exclusive first look&#8230

Bar Refaeli Behind The Scenes Bikini Pics

Here are the behind the scenes pictures of Bar Refaeli at her Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition shoot. Bar Refaeli is best known as the only Jew, who is not an agent, to screw Leonardo DiCaprio. She is a Zionist oppressor, and not nearly as attractive as an Arab woman. An Arab woman’s beauty is as ..

Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart, and Kari Ann Peniche’s Sex Tape Leaked

The latest celebrity sex tape features Grey’s Anatomy’s Eric Dane, his wife Noxzema girl Rebecca Gayheart, and former Miss Teen USA Kari Ann Peniche. Unfortunately, this “sex tape” doesn’t contain any, you know, sex. It’s just a disappointing video of three high, naked people hanging out around a hot tub. Eric doesn’t even Noxzema Rebecca’s ..

Naomi Campbell Is A Man

Naomi Campbell is a man. Or at the very least, Naomi Campbell has some form of penis. This is an upskirt picture of Naomi Campbell on a balcony at some club. She is not wearing any panties and there is clearly some “thing” between her legs that should not be there. The only question now ..

“White Chicks” Sequel = Punishment for Slavery

Multiple sources are reporting that the Wayans brothers and Sony Pictures are working on a sequel to the 2004 “comedy,” White Chicks. If this piece of garbage gets made, whites are officially off the hook for slavery. Sitting through another “White Chicks” will be punishment enough, so I don’t want to hear any more from ..

Khloe Kardashian Caught with Coke

The Kardashians haven’t been doing too hot lately. Kim and Reggie Bush just broke up, Kourtney’s pregnant, and now Khloe’s been caught with cocaine in her purse by her sisters. No worries though, Khloe will still be around to be her older sister Kim’s beard. She claims that the drugs aren’t hers, and that she’s ..