Taylor Swift’s Fearless Platinum Track Listing

Taylor Swift’s Fearless Platinum Edition will be available today Monday, October 26, rather than the original release date of October 27! What’s more, her label has announced the track listing for the CD/DVD set. Check out below for the track list info:   Deep Dicking (Balls Deep Remix) Cunt Hungry 2 In The Front 1 ..

Noah Cyrus Is Too Damn Sexy!

Miley Cyrus is about to turn 17, and frankly, it’s showing. Age is taking its toll on her once perfect body. She’s clearly hit the wall, and in another year or two she’ll be an old hag like Lindsay Lohan. But luckily for us, help is on the way! Meet Noah Cyrus, Miley’s sexy 9-year-old ..

Miranda Kerr Nip Slip

Miranda Kerr, who is best known as the parking spot for Orlando Bloom’s penis, had a nip slip occur during a recent photo shoot for Speedo. Sure we have already posted topless pics of Miranda Kerr here, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy checking in on the state of her nipples every once and ..

Kim Kardashian Upskirt Pictures

These upskirt pictures of Kim Kardashian were taken during her birthday party at some club for voyeurs and exhibitionists. It looks like the whole VIP section is specifically designed so those below it can stare up at people crotches. Anyway these upskirt pics of Kim Kardashian are horrifying. I can’t tell were her inner thigh ..

Chris Brown Wants To Hit Rihanna With A Hammer?

Does Chris Brown want to repeatedly hit Rihanna in the face with a hammer until her skin falls off and she looks like the corpse of Michael Jackson? Surprisingly, the singer says no. In his first radio interview since assaulting Rihanna, Brown said he wants a second chance. At no time did the singer make ..

Demi Lovato Twitters Kristen Stewart

Demi Lovato the star of the Disney show “Sonny With A Chance” twittered “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart. Demi wrote on her Twitter, “Dear Kristen Stewart, you seem like the realest person in Hollywood. I admire you so much and I hope to meet you someday.” Looking at Demi’s twat it is obvious that she has ..

Jessica Simpson and Gerard Butler Hookup

Has Jessica Simpson finally found a new man who can become sick of her shit and dump her? Apparently so, Jessica is rumored to be hooking up with Gerard Butler. Jessica and Gerard both dined out at Soho House in NYC on Tuesday night and they seemed to be getting very cozy with each other. ..

Selena Gomez Is What Boys Want

Selena Gomez the star of the Disney show “Wizards of Waverly Place”, and her future sex tape “Jizzards in my Naughty Place” is in final negotiations to star in New Line’s upcoming feature film “What Boys Want”. In the film Selena will play a teenage girl who can hear what men are thinking. I can ..

Evacuation Ordered for Kendra’s Vagina

A mandatory evacuation order is now in effect for anything living in the vicinity of Kendra Wilkinson vagina, officials announced on Wednesday. The order, which was given due to the impending birth of Kendra’s child, is expected to affect more than 50 billion viral and bacterial residents of the vagina and countless other parasitic insects ..

Victoria Secret Model Marisa Miller Changing Bikinis

Here are some behind the scenes pictures of Victoria Secret model Marisa Miller changing bikinis. I have to laugh at the woman trying to cover Marisa’s ass to protect her modesty. Marisa’s whole life revolves around wearing next to nothing and changing clothes in front of large groups of people. I don’t think she is ..

Octomom Has A Crush On Jon Gosselin

In a new interview with Radar Online, Nadya “Octomom” Suleman admits, “I kind of have a crush on Jon Gosselin. I think he’s hot!” Of course Jon Gosselin’s sex appeal is undeniable. What woman could resist a pudgy middle-aged Asian guy with hair plugs who wears Ed Hardy all the time? However, I just can’t ..

Exclusive Twilight New Moon Photos

CelebJihad has just received these exclusive Twilight New Moon promotional photos, and we could not wait to share them with our fellow “Twihards”. Since no one has seen the movie yet, and I am probably the biggest Twihard in the world I will be providing captions for each photo describing what is going on in ..