Kristin Cavallari Butt Pictures Megapost

Kristin Cavallari is the star of MTV’s “The Hills”. She also has excellent taste in men, which is evident by her dating Iranian playboy Sam Nazarian. Based on the picture of Sheik Nazarian below it is easy to see why Kristin was attracted to him. Unfortunately for Kristin she recently walked in on Sheik Nazarian ..

Robert Pattinson’s Vehicle Strikes, Kills Young Boy

Robert Pattinson’s carriage struck and killed a young peasant boy on Monday as it recklessly sped thought the streets of Paris. Onlookers say that the carriage may have been trying to avoid the paparazzi. The boy, who was identified only as the son of a local Parisian named Gaspard, was killed instantly. “The boy was ..

Miley Cyrus In A Bikini Playing Twister With Fat Old Men

Miley Cyrus was busted playing Twister in her bikini with a group of fat sweaty topless old men. Have you ever even asked yourself how someone with no talent gets to star in movies and TV shows? Or how a girl who’s voice sounds like a dog yelping after it’s tail gets stepped on gets ..

Alessandra Ambrosio Amazing Pregnancy Weight Loss

These pictures of Alessandra Ambrosio were taken a mere 18 months after giving birth. Notice how even after having a kid her body is still hotter than any woman you know. What is her secret? Was it breastfeeding? Maybe. Drinking the afterbirth in a smoothie? Perhaps. A healthy diet and exercise? Doubtful. My guess is ..

Selena Gomez Role Models A See Through Shirt

Selena Gomez fulfills her Disney contract by continuing her campaign to corrupt the world’s youth. Just look at Selena waltzing through an airport in a see through shirt. I doubt she was even stopped and given a rectal exam like I am when I fly, and I wear a bulky overcoat and a turban. Tell ..

New Avatar 2 Trailer

Here is the new trailer for Avatar 2. It looks pretty good. Of course I haven’t seen the first Avatar film because I refuse to support Zionist run Hollywood. Besides who needs 3D movies when I can just stare out the window of my room here at the South Shore Care Center in Oxnard, CA ..

Kim Kardashian’s Big Ass Microcosm Of What Is Wrong With The USA

Look at this picture of Kim Kardashian’s big ass in a white bikini. Any number of soccer mom’s in America have wider and fatter asses than this, yet Kim Kardashian’s is continually revered by the brainwashed masses. By any objective aesthetic Kim Kardashian is not an attractive woman. She has a horse face, she has ..

Jay Leno Admits April Fool’s Joke: Only Conan Got Screwed

Funny man Jay Leno has done it again with another hilarious joke at Conan O’Brien’s expense. During an interview with noted Mossad agent Joy Behar, Leno claimed that both he and Conan “got screwed” by NBC. But just hours later, Leno explained that it was an April Fool’s joke, and that clearly Conan was the ..

Justin Bieber C*ck Teases Michael Jackson

Justin Bieber obviously has no respect for the dead. Just look how he enjoys taunting Michael Jackson’s ghost with his taut nubile frame, and boyish good looks. Michael must be ripping his hair out for dying before hearing of Justin Bieber, and inviting him to one of his famous all night mentoring sessions at Neverland ..

Megan Fox Sexily Kills A Cat

Is there anything sexier than a woman killing a cat? Yes, a gorgeous woman like Megan Fox killing a cat. Megan Fox posed most sexily with a mangy feline, one Ms Oliva Von Caterton, for a photo shoot recently. The theme for the shoot was the sexy circle of life, so Megan wore a real ..

Jesse James: He’s Not All Bad

Say what you will about Jesse James, but he’s not all bad. For example, look at this picture of Jesse posing as Hitler. Sure, he may have cheated on his wife with a bunch of whores. And yes, he will burn in hell for worshiping Jesus Christ instead of Allah, the one true god. But ..

Blake Lively Bent Over, Chained, And Spanked

Blake Lively has been a very naughty girl. In these pictures from the little known UK movie “The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee”, Blake plays a young girl who gets chained down and spanked in some sort of lesbian fantasy sequence. No word yet if this fantasy sequence proceeds like mine would with Blake Lively ..