Is Miley Cyrus Whoring Her Way To The Top?

Nearly a month ago we here at Celeb Jihad broke the story that Miley Cyrus was playing Twister in her bikini with a group of dirty old sex perverts otherwise known as Hollywood producers. Now a video has been released of 17 year old Miley Cyrus grinding and giving a lap dance to 45 year ..

Hayden Panettiere Bikini Camel Toe Pictures

Hayden Panettiere is a mythical perky imp who came to our world with her small teen-like body to always play a cheerleader on TV and film. When Hayden is not busy doing high kicks and pretending to be going through some teenage angst, she enjoys spending time in tight bikinis and showing off her camel ..

Demi Lovato Sends Joe Jonas Into Dangerous Erotic Frenzy

Demi Lovato is a filthy street walker temptress! In the video below Demi was caught trying to steal Joe Jonas’ man juice for her own sick kicks. As you can clearly see in the video, Demi Lovato grazes Joe Jonas’ crotch which causes him to erupt into a dangerous erotic frenzy. Joe proceeds to hump ..

Demi Lovato Assisting FBI with Murder Investigation

Teen sensation Demi Lovato is assisting the FBI in an ongoing investigation involving a serial killer, CelebJihad has confirmed. Using a revolutionary new virtual reality device that allows her mind to literally enter the mind of the killer, Demi will attempt to ascertain the whereabouts of three missing girls before it is too late. While ..

Lady Gaga Shows Off His Lady Bits

Like any good tranny, Lady Gaga was out this weekend flashing his lady bits for all to see. If Lady Gaga wasn’t such a butterface I’d might pound that surgically constructed va-jay-jay of his. That is assuming that Lady Gaga goes to the doctor regularly to get a few stitches put in, to keep that ..

Nick Jonas Picks His Nose Again, But Does He Eat It?

For the second time in 2 weeks, Nick Jonas was caught picking his nose. This time it was on the set of the new Jonas Brothers music video for their upcoming single “I Spit She Swallows”. As you can see in the picture above Nick Jonas is once again up to his wrist searching for ..

Miss USA Kristen Dalton Disgraces Her Country

Miss USA Kristen Dalton has disgraced herself and her country. She was photographed whoring herself out in a bikini at what appears to be an Italian villa, possibly the Emperor’s. Even though I despise the USA with a passion and wish for its immediate and devastating destruction, I can not help but feel embarrassed for ..

Catholic Extremists Threaten Comedy Central Over Jesus Christ Cartoon

A Catholic extremist group known as the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights has threatened Comedy Central over an upcoming cartoon about Jesus Christ. The group, which revers Christ as the son of God, posted the address of Comedy Central’s CEO, Doug Herzog, on their extremist website. Comedy Central has many reasons to fear ..

Rihanna Butt Pics Collection

Rihanna is an amazingly talented musician and deserves to be taken seriously as an artist. Just kidding! She is a whore who uses sex to sell crappy digitally produced pop to the horny brain head masses. However, at least Rihanna is good at what she does. She seems to have a quality about her that ..

Justin Bieber Wants To Go Butch

Pop songstress Justin Bieber is looking to add muscle to his taut preteen girlish frame. She has contacted famed celebrity trainer Danny Musico, to help her look less like Selena Gomez and more like a Pink or Madonna. Justin Bieber should really be careful with trying to add mass at this point in her life. ..

Emma Watson Casts Enchantment Spell

“Penicus Erectus!” shouted Emma Watson as she entered the 750th Annual Devil Worshipers Ball in Stockton, CA. Sorceress Emma Watson made quite an appearance at the event looking sexy as hell thanks to the use of an enchantment spell. All the other followers of the dark arts were impressed and aroused by Emma’s seductive use ..

Lady Gaga Was A Rebellious Teen

Before Lady Gaga became the professional musician that is loved the world over, she was quite the little hellcat teenager causing her parents all sorts of grief with her outrageous outfits as is evident by the picture of a teen Gaga above. Look how she flaunts that ridiculous pink dress. Frankly she looks like a ..