Justin Bieber Sees His Shadow 6 More Weeks Of Winter

Don’t pack away those winter clothes just yet: This morning famed pop superstar Justin Bieber saw his shadow, meaning winter temperatures in 2010 will continue for six more weeks. “Speaking” to his select group of human handlers, known as the Inner Circle, Justin Bieber indicated that he had seen his shadow after emerging from his ..

Lady Gaga Shows Her Vagina

The Brit Awards (the UK’s Grammys) were held last night in London, and the big winner was Lady Gaga. Not because she won 3 awards, but because she was able to flash her brand new vagina to the world. Lady Gaga showing her vagina in England last night is ironic because just a few months ..

Video Of Megan Fox In Her Panties

Megan Fox stripped down to her bra and panties for this commercial for Armani underwear. Boy has Armani lost touch with its Italian roots! From what I know of Italians they are absolutely going to hate this commercial, and probably tear at their mustaches and throw a pizza pie across the room when they see ..

Exclusive Twilight Eclipse Photos

CelebJihad has just received these exclusive Twilight Eclipse promotional photos, and we could not wait to share them with our fellow “Twihards”. Since no one has seen the movie yet, and I am probably the biggest Twihard in the world I will be providing captions for each photo describing what is going on in the ..

Selena Gomez Causes Lesbian Mob At The Mall

Ever since we broke the story that Selena Gomez is a lesbian, teenage girls all over the country have been converting to the “dyke side”. This wave of newly transformed lesbians descended upon a mall were Selena Gomez was doing a Q&A (and probably some light fingering) for a radio station. As soon as the ..

Kelly Clarkson Still Totally Not Fat

Breaking news! American Idol Season 1 winner and famed pop singer Kelly Clarkson is still totally not fat! Sure her hips are ridiculously wide and testing the will of the denim in her jeans, but that doesn’t mean she is fat. OK yeah her ass is huge, her arms are flabby, and she has a ..

Megan Fox’s Body Double

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Megan Fox’s Super Bowl commercial in which she plays a hot girl sitting in a bathtub texting with normal thumbs. A lot of jealous women cried foul when they saw the ad because it is a well known fact that Megan Fox has toe’s for thumbs, and ..

Tiger Mistress Rachel Uchitel Becomes “Extra” Correspondent Whorespondent

Rachel Uchitel, noted home wrecker and queen of the Tiger Woods harem, has joined the cast of “Extra” as a special correspondent whorespondent. Uchitel’s stint on the celebrity-news show will consist primarily of interviews, although one could imagine she may end up servicing the show’s producers as well, provided they are married. Only in America ..

Demi Lovato And Joe Jonas Go Bi Together

OK this Disney f*ck fest is really getting out of hand. First it was Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez who were hooking up. Then Selena went bi and left Demi for Nick Jonas. Now it is Demi Lovato who is going bi with none other than Nick Jonas’ ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas. Demi Lovato and Joe ..

Alec Baldwin Rushed To Hospital

Alec Baldwin the head chieftain of the Baldwin clan was rushed to the hospital early this morning. The actor’s publisist claims that Alec is fine and that him being rushed to the hospital was a “misunderstanding”. Boy that ambulance driver’s face must be pretty red. Alec just called 911 because he wanted to be rushed ..

Taylor Swift At The Beach In A Skimpy Swimsuit

Grammy winning singing sensation Taylor Swift was photographed in this skimpy swimsuit at a beach in Australia yesterday. Why Taylor Swift thought it would be OK to go to a public beach practically naked is beyond me. Taylor thinks that because she is a famous celebrity she can go around showing her knees and lower ..

Lindsay Lohan Would Make an Obedient Wife

I used to think that Lindsay Lohan was a petulant little harlot too sullied and polluted by years of causal sex to ever be considered for marriage. But after reading that Lindsay may have been beaten by her former boyfriend Sam Ronson, I may have to reconsider. A supposed friend of Lindsay’s told the following ..