Olivia Wilde In See Through Top Pictures

She-Devil Olivia Wilde is at it again. In these latest pics of Olivia the actress again tries to seduce me and steal my soul with her eyes. Not only that but she is stepping her game up, and also trying to use her nipples to conquer me. I honestly can’t say which is more hypnotic ..

Twilight Saga: Eclipse Has Been Canceled

Post-production work on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight franchise, has been canceled, Summit Entertainment has announced. Although principal photography was completed earlier this year, Summit’s founder Patrick Wachsberger said it isn’t worth everyone’s time and effort to finish another Twilight film. “Look, the cast, the crew, the producers; we’re all ..

Keanu Reeves Is Immortal

By now those of you who read this site know that all celebrities are involved in the dark arts, and are most likely reptilian creatures who have taken human form to control our minds and sell magazines. That much is obvious. However, I just uncovered some startling new information! It appears that these satanic shape ..

Emma Watson Posing For Russian Elle

Emma Watson posed for these pictures in the Russian version of Elle Magazine. It is bad enough that Emma mocks the greatness of Allah by promoting witchcraft in her Harry Potter movies, but then she goes and poses for Russian Elle instead of Saudi Arabian Elle. Frankly, I’m not surprised. Of course a Satanist like ..

Lindsay Lohan Was Dating Heath Ledger When He Died

In the latest leaked tape by Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael Lohan, we learn that Lindsay was dating Heath Ledger at the time of his death. In the 2008 tapes, Lindsay’s mom Dina tells Michael that Heath’s drug overdose devastated their daughter and “f***ed her up.” She is heard on the tape saying that, “She was ..

Taylor Lautner Held 79 Illegal Immigrants in a Squalid “Drop House”

LOS ANGELES — Twilight star and teen heartthrob Taylor Lautner held dozens of illegal immigrants in a squalid “drop house” in South Los Angeles, where one woman was beaten and others say they were threatened with assault, authorities said Tuesday. Lautner, 17, was charged with harboring illegal immigrants at the two-story home that immigration agents ..

Christopher Walken And Cartman Cover Lady Gaga Poker Face

The amazingly talented Christopher Walken recently performed a cover of the Lady Gaga hit “Poker Face”. Obviously because it is Christopher Walken his rendition of the song is a million times better than the original by Lady Gaga. Not to be outdone Eric Cartman from the Comedy Central show “South Park” also covered Lady Gaga’s ..

Eva Mendes Nip Slip

Eva Mendes and her nipple were out last night promoting some movie they are in. When are women going to learn that the only way to avoid these nip slips is to dress like a lady by wearing a full burka? Now that Eva Mendes’ nipple has been shown to the world she is branded ..

Video of Jessica Alba Getting Her Ass Spanked

We mentioned last week that Jessica Alba gets her bare ass spanked in a scene in her new movie “The Killer Inside Me”. Well we have now received the video of this glorious scene. I don’t know what is more gratifying, finally seeing Jessica Alba’s ass, or the fact that someone is beating her. I ..

Rachel Bilson Posing For Flaunt Magazine

Rachel Bilson looks stunning in these photos for Flaunt Magazine. I have never heard of “Flaunt” magazine before, but if the second picture of Rachel Bilson is any indication I believe the magazine is about sexy women flaunting how they like to touch themselves. I have to admit that Rachel Bilson really does “it” for ..

Pictures Of Marisa Miller From Her Blog

Marisa Miller posted some behind the scenes pictures of herself on her blog. If you have not read Marisa Miller’s blog before I highly recommend you check it out. Marisa blog is easy to read (she doesn’t use many words outside of an average 2nd grader’s vocabulary), and it is infinity relatable. Take her most ..

Beyonce’s “Insolent Sex Party” Defiles the Muslim World

Beyonce, queen of the crusader whores and puppet of the Zionist entertainment complex, plans to bring her filthy sex act to the heart of the Muslim world with a concert in Cairo. Not since al-Malik al-Adil Nur ad-Din Abu al-Qasim Mahmud Ibn ‘Imad ad-Din Zangi fought the crusaders in Damascus has the Muslim world faced ..