Rihanna Butt Pics Collection

Rihanna is an amazingly talented musician and deserves to be taken seriously as an artist. Just kidding! She is a whore who uses sex to sell crappy digitally produced pop to the horny brain head masses. However, at least Rihanna is good at what she does. She seems to have a quality about her that ..

Justin Bieber Wants To Go Butch

Pop songstress Justin Bieber is looking to add muscle to his taut preteen girlish frame. She has contacted famed celebrity trainer Danny Musico, to help her look less like Selena Gomez and more like a Pink or Madonna. Justin Bieber should really be careful with trying to add mass at this point in her life. ..

Emma Watson Casts Enchantment Spell

“Penicus Erectus!” shouted Emma Watson as she entered the 750th Annual Devil Worshipers Ball in Stockton, CA. Sorceress Emma Watson made quite an appearance at the event looking sexy as hell thanks to the use of an enchantment spell. All the other followers of the dark arts were impressed and aroused by Emma’s seductive use ..

Lady Gaga Was A Rebellious Teen

Before Lady Gaga became the professional musician that is loved the world over, she was quite the little hellcat teenager causing her parents all sorts of grief with her outrageous outfits as is evident by the picture of a teen Gaga above. Look how she flaunts that ridiculous pink dress. Frankly she looks like a ..

Jessica Alba Shows Butt Crack, Enjoys Anal

Jessica Alba revealed some serious butt cleavage yesterday while taking her son Big Mistake Alba for a stroll. What is newsworthy about this picture, besides the fact that it is Jessica Alba’s butt crack, is that Jessica has a bow tattooed directly above her ass. If a bow tattoo directly above a girl’s ass doesn’t ..

Is Demi Lovato Dating The Actress From The Movie ‘Precious’?

Is Demi Lovato dating Gabourey Sidibe, the actress from the Oscar winning movie “Precious”? According to our sources the answer is an enthusiastic yes! The photograph above of the two love birds was reportedly taken at “Leroy’s House of Titties”, a gentleman’s club in suburban Atlanta. According to our spies at the club Demi Lovato ..

Taylor Swift And Katy Perry Are Lesbians

Well it is pretty much official now. These pictures clearly show that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are lesbians, and that they are madly in love with each other. We were the first to break the story that Taylor Swift was a lesbian, and I do not think anyone is surprised that Katy Perry is ..

What Is Different: Hayden Panettiere And Her BF

Look very closely at the two pictures above of “Heroes” star Hayden Panettiere out for a walk with her boyfriend heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko. We have subtlety modified the second photo. Can you spot what is different in the 2nd pic? Having trouble? We don’t blame you this one is a doozy. Here is ..

Jay Leno Rapes Orangutan

Now that he is done fucking Conan O’Brien by banishing him to TBS, Jay Leno has moved onto a new redheaded target – the orangutan. A “60 Minutes” undercover investigation found that Leno, unsatisfied with the ass f*cking of O’Brien, has been sneaking into the LA Zoo late at night and repeatedly raping what zookeepers ..

Joe Jonas Busted Buying Crack?

Joe Jonas was photographed handing a large black man money as he reaches into his pocket to produce something. What possible reason could Joe Jonas have for breaking the Jonas Brother oath of racial purity and interacting with a black man? Was he contributing to the man’s college fund? Doubtful. Was he investing in the ..

Rihanna Plays With Herself On Stage

No longer satisfied with simply wearing ridiculously revealing clothes, Rihanna has taken to masturbating on stage in front of her fans. Great artists like Rihanna have an relentless need to express themselves. Of course her record label would never allow her to actually write any lyrics, compose music, or not have her voice heavily distorted, ..

Lindsay Lohan’s Gun Photo is a “Meta” Suicide Threat

Always the trend setter, Lindsay Lohan created quite the buzz last night with a postmodern cry for help. Lindsay tweeted a picture of herself holding a gun to her smiling mouth, putting a playful ironic twist on her a desperate plea. “She could have gone the traditional route and went to a rehab center or ..