Tiger Woods Announces Return To Cheating

Tiger Woods made headlines today when he announced that his return to golf will take place at something called “The Masters”. That sounds like a pretty racist tournament to me, but what do you expect from a self-loathing black guy like Woods. More importantly though we have heard from a very reliable source (who may ..

Emma Watson Dumps Zionist Pig Boyfriend

Emma Watson has finally wised up and dumped her long time boyfriend 28-year-old financier Jew Jay Barrymore. Emma’s split with Jay comes just days after Israel announced the expansion of settlements in the West Bank. Coincidence? I think not! Emma Watson has obviously finally seen the truth about the Zionist cabal that is hell bent ..

Justin Bieber Concert Ends in Violence

A Justin Bieber concert in Gary, Indiana, ended in a near riot on Sunday after dozens of fans attacked a group of men wearing Jonas Brothers tee-shirts. The violence comes amid mounting tensions between Bieber, a known “C Queen” (a female member of the Crips), and longtime Blood, Nick Jonas. Prior to the concert, authorities ..

Lindsay Lohan Suing Pedigree Over “Echo” Dog Food Ad

Actress Lindsay Lohan is suing Pedigree, insisting that its latest dog food commercial featuring a “bitch” named Echo is based on her. Lohan filed a suit in Nassau County (N.Y.) Supreme Court on Monday claiming the dog food company owes her $50 million in punitive damages and another $50 million in compensatory damages. “My client ..

Justin Bieber Dissed by Nick Jonas

A feud is brewing between teen heartthrob Justin Bieber and singing sensation Nick Jonas. Speaking to reporters outside the Four Seasons Hotel in Houston, Nick called Justin a “punk-ass nigga,” and threatened to “take her out of the box.” Nick’s threat comes just days after Justin pledged her loyalty to the Crips, a notorious L.A. ..

Emma Watson Shows Her Thighs To The Paparazzi

Emma Watson you little tramp! How dare you flash your bare legs and upper thighs to the paparazzi. I’ll have you know Ms Watson that some paparazzi are good Allah fearing Muslims with a harem of wives who they tolerate very much. They don’t need your unwanted sexual advances to cloud their pure minds. Allah ..

Demi Lovato Goes Stag To Oscar Party

Noted thespian and lesbian Demi Lovato courageously decided to show up alone at Vanity Fairs’ Oscars Party. Lovato, who is currently on the rebound from her very public break up with long time lover Selena Gomez, went stag to the party when she found out that her first choice for a date, Joe Jonas, was ..

Corey Feldman Found Alive

Former child star Corey Feldman was found alive this morning outside of a Norm’s Restaurant in Los Feliz, according to the LAPD. Police tell us they were called to the diner shortly before 8 AM PT to investigate. Police were shocked to find that Feldman was responsive. The actor refused the officers repeated attempts to ..

Larry King Outlives Corey Haim

Actor Corey Haim was found dead this morning in his Burbank apartment. The mainstream media will tell you that the 80’s heartthrob died of an “accidental drug overdose,” the same excuse they always use when a cover up is afoot. But the fact of the matter is that Corey, like so many of his celebrity ..

Audrina Patridge Breaks Her Spine While Rollerskating

The harlot known as Audrina Patridge has finally gotten a comeuppance for her sinful ways! Yesterday, “The Hills” star was dressed like a prostitute, parading her supple young body around on roller skates for all to see, when Allah, in his infinite wisdom, answered my prayers and caused her to fall out of the skates ..

Justin Bieber Claims Allegiance to “Crips” Street Gang

Pop sensation Justin Bieber has joined the Crips, a notorious Los Angeles street gang. Bieber made the shocking revelation while being interviewed by a Pennsylvania radio station yesterday afternoon. The singer was wearing custom-made “Crip Blue” sneakers, signifying her allegiance to the gang. “Crips fo’ life, cuzz,” Bieber shouted while flashing a series of gang ..

Ben Roethlisberger Claims He was Sexually Assaulted

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. – Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger told police that a 20-year-old college student sexually assaulted him in the women’s room of a Milledgeville, Ga nightclub on Friday. Law enforcement sources tell CelebJihad that Roethlisberger claims he was inside the women’s restroom, “sitting down to have a pee pee” like he always does, when ..