Hugh Laurie Has A Secret Crush On Olivia Wilde

Hugh Laurie’s heart breaks as he watches his secret crush Olivia Wilde flirt with Justin Timberlake Hugh Laurie the actor who plays “House” on the Fox TV show “House” has a super secret crush on his cast mate Olivia Wilde. When the cast has downtime they like to play the game FMK (Fuck Marry Kill) ..

Madonna Inks Endorsement Deal For Vaginal Pessaries

Madonna has reportedly inked a seven-figure endorsement deal with Hiltex, Inc., the world’s largest supplier of vaginal pessaries. A pessary is a small plastic or silicone medical device which is used for vaginal support and to offer a solution to incontinence and/or prolapse in older women. “Madonna doesn’t want to slow down just because she’s ..

Jessica Alba’s Wet Sex Scene

Here are some hot screen caps of Jessica Alba in a sex scene getting her boobies squeezed in a bathtub. This movie must be artsy because Jessica Alba is notoriously uptight, and the only way someone like her would agree to shoot a scene with some guy palming her breasts would be for the sake ..

Miley Cyrus’ Boyfriend Forced Her To Quit Twitter

Yesterday 16-year-old Miley Cyrus deleted her Twitter account (see here) because her 19-year-old boyfriend Liam Hemsworth told her too. One of Miley’s last tweets stated, “FYI Liam doesn’t have a twitter and he wants ME to delete mine with good reason.” When reached for comment Liam had this to say, “Bitch needs to focus on ..

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize For Murdering Impoverished Pirates

President Barack Obama has been awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize for Peace. The Nobel committee sited Obama’s deep commitment to shooting impoverished Somali pirates in the head as the determining factor in awarding him the prize. “Sure his theoretical achievements such as closing Guantanamo Bay or ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are impressive,” ..

Rihanna Tries To Seduce Justin With See Through Dress

Rihanna continued her quest to snag Justin Timberlake from Jessica Biel by wearing this see through dress. Rihanna made sure to show that her booty can rival Jessica’s as far as shape and plumpness. Justin Timberlake should go with Rihanna. He’s been stuck with Jessica Biel for years now he has to be tired of ..

Miley Cyrus Strokes 3 Brown Cocks (Shocking Photo)

CelebJihad has obtained a shocking photo of teen sensation Miley Cyrus stroking three large brown cocks! The disgusting photo was sent to us by an unnamed source who claims there is also a video of Miley’s cock stroking escapades. The photo is sure to cause outrage among the parents of Miley’s millions of pre-teen fans. ..

Video Of Joe Francis Defending Himself From Jayde Nicole

What at first glance just looks like a piss poor attempt at a sex tape, is actually the security camera footage from the night Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis was viciously attacked by Playboy Playmate Jayde Nicole. As this video clearly shows Jayde poured some sort of drink on Francis as he walks by ..

BET To Produce Michael Vick Reality Show: The Dogg Pound

BET intends to create a new reality show staring convicted animal abuser and NFL QB Michael Vick, the Los Angeles Times is reporting. According to our sources, the show, tentatively titled Michael Vick: The Dogg Pound, will begin filming at the end of the NFL season. It will chronicle Vick as he performs his court ..

This Just In: Kelly Clarkson Is Still Fat

Breaking news! Kelly Clarkson is still fat! Celeb Jihad was first to report Kelly Clarkson was fat a few months ago. Now we are shocked to find that we are still right. The picture above is a very recent picture of Kelly Clarkson. As you can see the singer is wandering around looking for salad ..

Olivia Wilde In Sexy Goth Lingerie

Olivia Wilde, the actress who plays “13” on the Fox TV show “House”, puts on a show in sexy goth lingerie. Just kidding! She looks like Satan’s whore, and as a man who has committed himself to Allah I can not allow myself to be aroused by these pictures. I don’t care if her nipple ..

Exclusive: Megan Fox Poses Topless for Magazine

Megan Fox has posed topless for the cover of Narwhal Quarterly. The magazine won’t hit newsstands until October 15th, but has obtained this exclusive first look at Megan’s candid topless shots! Stay tuned to for more on this breaking story as it develops