Megan Fox High School Pictures

Here are some pictures of Megan Fox when she was in high school at Morningside Academy in Florida. Remarkably Megan was voted “Most Likely To Be Railed By A Cast Member From 90210” her senior year. She was also not very popular in school because of her freak toe thumbs. The teenagers would call her ..

Taylor Swift Sex Toy Controversy

Taylor Swift has no class. Just look at this sickening photo in which she poses for a picture with a pink sex toy. Disgusting. Unable to find a real boyfriend, Taylor has resorted to pretending that this over-sized pink dildo is her man. Sources say that Taylor and the pseudo-phallus are inseparable. She takes it ..

Jessica Biel Washes Her Toes

Celebrities are all hopeless nitwits. For example look at this picture of Jessica Biel washing her toes. She is doing it all wrong! First Jessica you do not need to be topless to wash you toes. You just need to remove your shoes and any socks you may or may not be wearing. Your full ..

Miley Cyrus With Mysterious Old Man

Miley Cyrus was out walking yesterday with a mysterious old man. No one knows for sure the identity of Miley’s companion but Celeb Jihad has learned that it is most likely 42-year-old Chet Herpenstein from Van Nuys, CA. According to our sources, Chet lured Miley into his Mom’s van by asking her to help look ..

Brigitte Bardot Invented The Celeb Upskirt

Photographic evidence has emerged that Brigitte Bardot, the famous French actress from the 1950’s and 60’s, was the inventor of the celebrity upskirt shot. The photo above taken outside a brothel in Paris in 1954 shows a young Brigitte Bardot shamelessly showing her incredibly risque white lace panties. A girl wearing white lace panties in ..

Vanessa Hudgens Attacks an Elderly Woman

With Hollywood still reeling from the news that the Jonas Brothers molested a fat man at the beach, now comes word that Vanessa Hudgens has attacked an elderly woman outside a trendy cafe. Vanessa was leaving the cafe with her evil henchman known only Nick Nack when the pair came upon the helpless old woman ..

The Jonas Brothers Molest A Fat Man

Wow just look at this picture of the Jonas Brothers attacking a fat man on the beach. These little punks think that because they are celebrities they can do whatever they want. From what I can gather from this picture Jonas Brothers, Nick and older brother Ugly Jonas were walking down the beach when their ..

Kristianne Baille Trailer

Celeb Jihad has just obtained this exclusive trailer for the upcoming movie “Kristianne Baille” starring Kristen Bell and Christian Bale. I know that one shouldn’t draw too many conclusions from a trailer, but this will probably be the greatest film ever made. I think everyone involved will receive multiple Oscars, and probably get laid by ..

Marisa Miller & Friends Topless In UK GQ

Marisa Miller and her band of merry whores all appeared in the UK version of GQ magazine topless. It is all part of GQ’s tribute to gratuitous almost nudity in magazines. The good people at GQ are such innovators in this field that they didn’t even bother conducting any BS interviews with the models in ..

Selena Gomez Shows Her Cleavage

Selena Gomez and her boobs posed with this doofus to raise awareness about Selena’s rack. An often overlooked part of Selena’s soon to be legal teenage body, her breasts have a coming out party of sorts in this candid shot. Obviously her boobs are no longer willing to play second fiddle to her face and ..

Justin Bieber, Alan Thicke Defecate on American Flag After Canadian Hockey Win

Everyone knows that Canadians are crazy about hockey. But native canuks Justin Bieber and Alan Thicke took their devotion to a disgusting extreme on Sunday night, defecating on an American flag after Canada’s overtime victory in the Olympic gold-medal game. Bieber and Thicke, both obviously intoxicated, were watching the game at The Canadian Tuxedo, a ..

Candice Swanepoel Lingerie Megapost

The future Mrs Durka Durka, Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel, continues to frustrate me. Since we are obviously soul mates and meant to be together I find it a little irritating that she has yet to respond to any of my letters. I didn’t even get so much as a thank you card for the ..