Kim Kardashian’s Gigantic Ass Eats Her Bikini

Adult film star Kim Kardashian’s gigantic ass was photographed trying to eat her bikini bottom yesterday. As you can see in the pictures below, Kim Kardashian’s booty was starving so it started to munch on her tiny bikini bottom. Ever since Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush called it quits Kim’s ass has been missing the ..

Zac Efron Vows to “Clean Up the Streets” of St. Louis

A warning to criminals in the St. Louis area: Zac Efron isn’t going to take it any more. The heartthrob will be in St. Louis, MO, next Wednesday for the premiere of his new film, St. Cloud. Efron has vowed that while in the depressed Midwestern city he will “clean up the streets once and ..

Joe Jonas And Betty White Are Dating

Sources have confirmed that teen heartthrob Joe Jonas is dating Betty White. Joe Jonas and Betty White were spotted getting cozy while having dinner at 4:30pm at a Cracker Barrel in Palm Springs. According to an eye witness “They seemed really into each other. Betty was rubbing her wool stockings up and down Joe’s leg, ..

Miley Cyrus Ashley Greene Caught In Dog Fighting Ring

Well this is just sickening. A photographer risked life and limb to penetrate the secret and extremely dangerous world of underground dog fighting. I don’t think any of our readers are surprised that he found and photographed Miley Cyrus and Twilight’s Ashley Greene getting their sick kicks from pitting helpless animals in brutal combat. As ..

Twilight Launches Tampon Line

The geniuses behind Twilight have decided to squeeze the last bit of blood from the franchise by launching a line of feminine hygiene products featuring the characters from the series. The company specifically hopes that the Edward Cullen line of super absorbment tampons will be a hit with the ladies. The tampons will feature a ..

Jennifer Lopez Shows Her Big Butt For Attention

Desperate for attention, Jennifer Lopez bent over and showed her big Puerto Rican booty yesterday. Jennifer Lopez had a meteoric rise to fame in the 90’s as the first Hispanic woman to have a large ass. However, her lack of any talent proved detrimental to her career as she quickly faded from the spotlight. Now ..

Nick Jonas Flashes Demeaning Sexual Hand Gestures at Fans

Just when I think Hollywood can’t stoop any lower, Nick Jonas proves me wrong. While walking the red carpet at the Queen’s Theater in London, Jonas made a series of sexual hand gestures that were extremely demeaning toward woman. As the photo above clearly demonstrates, Nick is flashing a sign known as the “Reverse Shocker,” ..

Carrie Underwood Disgraces Her New Husband

The dowry goat’s milk is still fresh and already Carrie Underwood has disgraced her new husband Mike Fisher. Carrie Underwood was photographed frolicking in the ocean like a complete and utter whore. Doesn’t Carrie Underwood realize she is married now? Her days of splashing around in water should be over. When Mike Fisher bought Carrie ..

South Beach Scandal: D-Wade, Chris Bosh Gangbang LeBron’s Mom

According to anonymous sources close to CelebJihad, Gloria James, NBA groupie and mother of LeBron James, has already taken her “talents” to South Beach when she recently doubled-up on Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. This shocking story comes only a few months after Gloria banged her son’s former teammate Delonte West in the midst of ..

Lindsay Lohan Is Dead

Celeb Jihad has just confirmed that troubled actress Lindsay Lohan is dead… on the inside. After years of late night partying, anonymous sex, and drug abuse Lindsay Lohan is now dead inside. At one time Lohan was a vivacious redhead full of life, but gradually that life has been sucked out of her. Now with ..

Kristin Cavallari Flashes Her Vagina

Perhaps as a sign of what is to come from Kristin Cavallari now that her show “The Hills” is canceled, she appears to have flashed her vagina in this upshorts picture. Kristin Cavallari, who has long been trying to make it as an “actress” in Hollywood, may have just come to an important realization. She ..