The Girls From Glee In Their Underwear

The girls from Fox’s hit show “Glee” posed in their underwear for GQ Magazine. If you are fortunate enough to have never seen the show Glee, then you are far more blessed than me. One particularly cruel nurse at the assisted living care center were I currently reside derives a sadistic joy in inflicting us ..

Taylor Swift Attacks John Mayer Over Kinky Sex

A few months ago we broke the story that John Mayer was planning on having kinky sex with Taylor Swift. Well it looks as though we were right. John Mayer did all sorts of unspeakable acts to Taylor Swift, and then kicked her to the curb like any self-respecting man would. Of course Taylor Swift ..

Jessica Alba Busted With Cameltoe

Like all actresses Jessica Alba is no better than a vile street prostitute when it comes to moral integrity. That is why it comes as no surprise that she is hiding a camel toe in her crotchal region. As the picture above shows Jessica Alba is involved in the smuggling of camel toes. In civilized ..

Vanessa Hudgens Humps A Surfboard

It can not be easy for a horny kuffar slut like Vanessa Hudgens to pretend to be a blatant homosexual like Zac Efron’s girlfriend for all these years. That is why it should come as no surprise that Vanessa Hudgens was caught taking out her sexual frustrations on a helpless surfboard yesterday. As you can ..

Miley Cyrus Gives Angry Hate-Filled Speech

The video above is of Miley Cyrus in a fit of passionate rage while addressing a crowd of her supporters in Berlin Germany. According to Internet hearsay, newly converted Muslim Miley Cyrus was in Berlin to address the “Jewish question”, and to propose her “final solution”. As you can see from the GIF above Miley ..

Declaration of War Against Justin Bieber Haters

Unsheathe your saif fellow Celeb Jihadists and let it taste the blood of the infidels for our war with celebrities is at hand! Like the prophecy has foretold an annoying talentless sexually ambiguous pop singer has struck first against us in this soon to be bloody struggle. While playing laser tag like a total dork ..

Jessica Alba GQ Magazine Pictures

Well, well, well, look at Jessica Alba still slutting it up. The once famously prude actress has resorted to selling her body for attention. This time it is to GQ Magazine for their November 2010 issue. At one time you couldn’t get Jessica Alba out of a turtle neck. However, now that her fame has ..

Catherine Zeta Jones Will Soon Be Single

Good news! Based on this picture of Michael Douglas it is pretty obvious that Catherine Zeta Jones will soon be single. Michael Douglas was recently diagnosed with throat cancer. Probably because he is part Jew and Allah wanted to punish him. Once Michael Douglas is dead (which should be any day now), Catherine Zeta Jones ..

Miley Cyrus See Through Shirt No Bra Pics

Ever since Miley Cyrus has renounced her heathen Jew God Jesus, and accepted Allah as her lord and master she has undergone a miraculous change. Under a weak Christian moral system Miley Cyrus would run around flashing her vagina, and prostituting herself to older men. Now that the firm hand of Allah is serving as ..

Paris Hilton Topless And Anorexic

Just look at these disgusting pics of rich spoiled whore Paris Hilton posing topless. Thankfully Paris appears to be anorexic and will know doubt soon part from this world to burn in the eternal hellfire. Paris Hilton has obviously never heard the old adage that a whore can not live on spunk alone. I don’t ..

Minka Kelly Sexiest Infidel Woman Alive

Minka Kelly was just named “Sexiest Woman Alive” by the Zionist controlled Esquire Magazine. Boy do the Western infidels have a messed up aesthetic. Sure Minka Kelly has an angelic face, full supple bosom, and tight round behind, but she is missing the most important feature for a woman to have… virtue. Just look at ..

Top 5 Sexy Katy Perry Gifs

As you probably already know Katy Perry is a whore, but did you also know that there are things called “gifs” that capture Katy Perry’s whoreyness in action? Oh you did. OK well good for you. Here are the top 5 sexy Katy Perry gifs on the Internet.   #5 Look Katy Perry is shooting ..