Jesse James: He’s Not All Bad

Say what you will about Jesse James, but he’s not all bad. For example, look at this picture of Jesse posing as Hitler. Sure, he may have cheated on his wife with a bunch of whores. And yes, he will burn in hell for worshiping Jesus Christ instead of Allah, the one true god. But ..

Blake Lively Bent Over, Chained, And Spanked

Blake Lively has been a very naughty girl. In these pictures from the little known UK movie “The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee”, Blake plays a young girl who gets chained down and spanked in some sort of lesbian fantasy sequence. No word yet if this fantasy sequence proceeds like mine would with Blake Lively ..

Ricky Martin Is NOT Gay

For the first time in 50 years Ricky Martin made headlines yesterday with the announcement that he is a “gay”. Nice try Mr Martin but I think I’d know a gay man when I see one and you sir are no gay. First off you are far too muscly to be a gay. Gays are ..

Selena Gomez Baby Bump?

Is Selena Gomez pregnant? While we can’t be certain, this picture from the set of her new movie, I’ll Spit On Your Corpse While I Piss On Your Grave IV, seems to show a noticeable baby bump. Has Selena been running around with a man behind her girlfriend Taylor Swift‘s back, or have the two ..

Huge Collection Of Jennifer Aniston Butt Pictures

In celebration of Gerard Butler fingering Jennifer Aniston’s stinkhole in public yesterday here is a collection of Jennifer Aniston butt pictures. If Butler is comfortable fingering Jen in public I think it is safe to assume that she enjoys a high hard one up her Hershey highway. I say good for Jen for being open ..

Nick Jonas Goes On Cheap Gay Cruise

Earlier today Nick Jonas threw on his most gay tank top and jumped on board the SS Penis for an extremely low budget gay cruise. Nick Jonas came out of the closet, more or less, last week when he was photographed prancing around with a male purse or “murse”. Ever since then the runt of ..

Mila Kunis Shows Some Serious Cleavage

Mila Kunis put her cleavage on full display yesterday while shooting scenes for a new movie in LA. Based on these pictures we can assume that Mila plays a busty woman who likes to stick her tits out when she climbs out of cars. This will definitely be a challenging role for Mila Kunis considering ..

Jennifer Aniston Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

Actress Jennifer Aniston has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, sources have confirmed. The cancer was discovered during a routine screening by Aniston’s The Bounty Hunter co-star, Gerard Butler. While promoting their new film in Paris, Butler thought Aniston looked sick and decided to give her an on-the-spot exam. His suspicions were confirmed when he discovered ..

Oil Sheik Purchases Victoria’s Secret Models

Oil Sheik Muhammed Abdullah Menish purchased Victoria’s Secret models Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Miranda Kerr for an afternoon of entertainment at his palace in Dubai. Sheik Menish reportedly purchased the models for 15 million US dollars. He then had the girls frolic in this pool while photos were taken before retiring to the palace ..

Selena Gomez Reunited With Long Lost Twin Sister

Selena Gomez has been reunited with her long lost twin sister Morteous Gomez, who she has not seen since she was an infant. When Selena and Morteous’ parents, poor Peruvian banana farmers Jose and Maria Gomez, had the girls they were shocked when the village doctor told them that they were identical in every way ..

Miley Cyrus Spring Cleavage Coming In Nicely

Ahh Spring is here, leaves are back on the trees, the laughter of children playing outside fills the air, and of course Miley Cyrus’ bosom is in full bloom. Miley’s spring cleavage appears to be coming in quite nicely, as she ran through the streets of LA being chased by wild gangs of roving Mexicans ..

Playgirl Offers Jesse James $500,000 To Pose Nude

Playgirl magazine is reportedly offering serial adulterer Jesse James, $500,000 to pose nude in its magazine. Because if there is one thing that gets women turned on, it is a cheating husband especially if he has been accused of sexually harassing and even raping women. Jesse James may be what some people would call “fugly”, ..