Megan Fox In A Tank Top And Daisy Dukes

Megan Fox wore her Halloween costume out in LA earlier today. Apparently she is going as a hot woman this year. Hey-oh! Seriously though Megan has never looked better. I guess making a series of horrible movies keeps a girl looking young. It was nice of Megan to give us all an early Halloween treat ..

Chris Brown’s Shocking Halloween Costume: ‘A Salt’ and ‘Battery’ (PICS)

In a wacky attempt to make light of his domestic violence issues with Rihanna, Chris Brown and a friend have chosen the outrageously tasteless Halloween costumes of “A Salt” and “Battery.” This is no doubt a play on the term “assault and battery,” and is meant to poke fun at the brutal beating he allegedly ..

Clint Eastwood Is Such A Dick Tease

Clint Eastwood is such a dick tease! Look at him engulfing this banana so sensually. He knows exactly what he is doing to us guys. Clint Eastwood has been setting men’s loins ablaze for years with his seductive snarls, and analogous use of gun play. However now he has gone too far. How am I ..

Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini Megapost

Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio was on the beach modeling the hell out of some bikinis the other day. This woman is perfection! Not only is she flawless physically, but she has the work ethic of a goddamn mule. Alessandra must have been out there rolling around on the beach and looking hot for hours. ..

Kanye West Interrupts Taylor Swift Being A Nazi

Taylor Swift gave a speech today to quell the controversy swirling around pictures of her partying with a guy in a giant swastika t-shirt. The following is the transcript from Taylor’s speech (or it may be Hitler’s speech to the Reichstag in 1939). Europe will not have peace until the Jewish question has been disposed ..

Miley Cyrus Fan: “Get Back on Twitter Or I’ll Eat My Cat”

One of Miley Cyrus’ awesome fans has released an ultimatum to the singer. Get back on Twitter or she will eat her cat. The fan claims to live in a country were this is a perfectly legal thing to do. My guess is she is in Canada. She even setup a website for people to ..

This Is Sh*t: 10 Surprises In The New Michael Jackson Movie

Michael Jackson’s new documentary, This Is It, premiers today, and so far audiences have been shocked by the film’s many disclosures. Here are 10 of the biggest surprises.   Michael Jackson is the second cousin, once removed, of 1991 All-Star¬†baseball player Danny Tartabull. The song “Black or White” was originally titled “Me Ten Years Ago ..

Taylor Swift Parties With Nazis

Blond hair Aryan super race beauty Taylor Swift partied with a Nazi at Katy Perry’s birthday paint party this weekend. As you can see in the photo above the guy dancing with Taylor has a giant swastika painted on his shirt. According to Swift, “There ain’t no party like a Nazi party, because a Nazi ..

Twilight Nip Slip Deleted Scene Video

In a recently released deleted scene from the original Twilight movie, there is a very provocative nip slip that went unnoticed by the director. In the video below you may be able to catch Edward’s (Robert Pattinson) nipple. If you watch closely you can see Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) stunned reaction to the glorious sight. No ..

Amy Winehouse’s Nip Slip

Amy Winehouse was out selling her plasma yesterday, and while walking back to the half-way house her disgusting new breasts fell out. I’m usually not one to turn down a free look at boobies, but this was just repulsive. This woman is the reason Allah invented the Burqa. &nbsp

Lady Gaga Tucks Penis Wears See-Through Dress

Lady Gaga tucked her penis firmly between her legs while wearing this completely see-through dress. Gaga the transgendered pop sensation went onstage to perform in just a transparent dress and thong. Her surgically and hormonally enhanced breasts can be clearly seen, but Lady Gaga was careful to tuck her yet to be removed penis. Notice ..

Taylor Swift’s Fearless Platinum Track Listing

Taylor Swift’s Fearless Platinum Edition will be available today Monday, October 26, rather than the original release date of October 27! What’s more, her label has announced the track listing for the CD/DVD set. Check out below for the track list info:   Deep Dicking (Balls Deep Remix) Cunt Hungry 2 In The Front 1 ..