Demi Lovato Is Damaged Goods

Well this is another “I told you so” article for Celeb Jihad. For over a year now we have been warning the public that Demi Lovato is clinically insane and a danger to the dim-witted children who see her as a role model. Click here for 5 pages of articles methodically chronically Demi Lovato’s psychosis. ..

Paris Hilton Is A Very Authenic Indian

Devil worshipers in America take their holiday of Halloween very seriously, and town bicycle Paris Hilton just so happens to be one of those Devil worshipers. As you can see in the pictures below, Paris Hilton dressed up as an Indian or “savage Native American” for Halloween. Not only did Paris get an extremely authentic ..

Rihanna Made Out With Michael Jackson

In this shocking photo leaked to the Internet, pop star Rihanna is seen tongue kissing the “King of Pop” himself, Michael Jackson. I know black people worship Michael Jackson, but Rihanna is taking her devotion a little too far because I am about 90% sure that Michael Jackson is already dead in this pic. What ..

The Justin Bieber War Continues

Praise be to Allah today is a glorious day for Celeb Jihad! We have just received video confirmation that our war with Justin Bieber’s fans continues. In fact it is escalating quite quickly. As the prophecy foretold, the end of Western civilization and the triumph of Islam will begin by an act of violence by ..

Emma Watson Named Sexiest Man Alive

Well the results are in and the Celeb Jihad 2010 Sexiest Man Alive is none other than Emma Watson! This is an amazing accomplishment for Emma Watson and she must be very proud. Just last year Emma was a pretty attractive woman, and now less than 12 months later Emma Watson is the sexiest man ..

Demi Lovato Gets Engaged To Her Girlfriend

Disney lesboqueer Demi Lovato just got engaged to her girlfriend of just 3 weeks Pat Fingerton. One of the most active young lesbians in Hollywood, Demi Lovato has an impressive list of lesbian conquests to her name including Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. However, now it appears as though Demi Lovato’s wild carefree days of ..

Top 10 Sexy Jessica Alba Gifs

Jessica Alba is one of the most talented actresses of her generation. And of course by talented I mean hottest. Actually Jessica Alba has no talent and couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag, but with an ass like her’s who really cares?   #10 Jessica Alba played a stripper in the movie ..

Mila Kunis Wears A Little Black Dress

Mila Kunis was caught at a film festival wearing a little black dress. When women in the West wear a little black dress it means only one thing, they are trolling for strange dick to bang them in a men’s room. By wearing this dress Mila Kunis is basically begging to get her panties stuffed ..

Emma Watson Grabs Her Boobs

Satanist witch Emma Watson is back to her old tricks. This time she is fondling her firm breasts in public. Why is Emma Watson squeezing her boobs in public? Is she checking for tit cancer? Or is she trying to stimulate her mammaries so that she may nurse a starving baby? No, the simplest answer ..

Taylor Momsen Flashes Her Underage Boobs

17-year-old struggling musical artist Taylor Momsen, tried to expressed herself onstage this weekend by flashing her underage tits. Unfortunately Taylor’s message fell flat as she was forced to self-censor, and place black tape over her supple young nipples. What a shame it is that Taylor Momsen is oppressed by backwards Western society, were girls under ..

Miley Cyrus Mocks Hinduism

Muslim warrior Miley Cyrus continued her Jihad against the infidels by mocking the subhuman Hindus. As you can clearly see in the photo above Miley Cyrus is laughing as she jokingly wears a “bindi” AKA the stupid dot Hindus wear on their forehead. Miley Cyrus is a proud Muslim woman so it is her duty ..

David Beckham Shows Off His Junk

Soccer star and homosexual icon David Beckham took off his shorts during a soccer match yesterday, possibly in an effort to attract a male lover. Soccer or football as it is known throughout infidel Europe is the world’s most homosexual “sport”. It involves a bunch of scantily clad men running around like fairies playing grab ..