Noah Cyrus Takes Aim At Being Top Cyrus Slut

Noah Cyrus Takes Aim At Being Top Cyrus Slut

Miley Cyrus’ younger sister Noah Cyrus takes aim at being the top slut in the Cyrus clan, as she flaunts her freshly turned 18-year-old ass in skimpy bikinis in the photos below.   Noah still has quite a ways to go if she wants to dethrone the top whore in the Cyrus clan… Her father ..

Miley Cyrus Incest Sex Scandal

Miley Cyrus Incest Sex Scandal

Miley Cyrus is embroiled in a lesbian incest sex scandal, after the above photos of her laying intimately with her little sister Noah were leaked to the web. How dare the close-minded Western infidels try to condemn the Cyrus clan, when as the eldest male Billy Ray has every right to pose his daughters in ..

Miley Cyrus’ Sister Noah Launches Lingerie Line For Kids

Noah Cyrus the 9-year-old younger sister of Disney star Miley Cyrus and her best friend Emily Grace have announced the launch of their new clothing line. The clothing line will be called “Ooh! La, La Couture” and feature various short fluffy skirts and fishnet stockings for girls ages 5-12. Wow this clothing line is going ..

Video Of Noah Cyrus Singing And Dancing Like A Whore

Noah Cyrus, the 9-year-old sister sister of Miley Cyrus, was videotaped on Halloween dressed like a slut, and being forced to sing and dance to Akon’s “Smack That” by her older sister Miley. In the video Miley violently grabs Noah and tells her to “Do smack that”. The child then proceeds to shake her stuff ..

Noah Cyrus Is Too Damn Sexy!

Miley Cyrus is about to turn 17, and frankly, it’s showing. Age is taking its toll on her once perfect body. She’s clearly hit the wall, and in another year or two she’ll be an old hag like Lindsay Lohan. But luckily for us, help is on the way! Meet Noah Cyrus, Miley’s sexy 9-year-old ..

Miley and Noah Cyrus Work The Pole

16 year old Miley Cyrus performed at the Teen Choice Awards last night and danced on a stripper pole in her classy booty shorts and black boots.   Backstage Miley’s 9 year old little sister Noah played on a stripper pole with her friends (Not pictured is Papa Billy Ray Cyrus holding a wad of ..