Miranda Kerr Naked Photos Leaked

Miranda Kerr Naked Photos Leaked

Victoria’s Secret model and actor Orlando Bloom’s wife Miranda Kerr just had the below nude photos leaked to the Internet by some perverted French photographer. Only in the degenerate West would crappy black and white photos of a woman’s genitals be considered “art”. Of course Miranda is no stranger to prostituting her naked flesh, but ..

Miranda Kerr And Friends Topless Harem Pic

Miranda Kerr And Friends Topless Harem Pic

Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have joined their super model friends in the harem of a powerful Muslim man. To commemorate the event the girls posed topless for the harem class of 2012 photo above. These proud concubines were given the honor of serving the sexual needs of a Sheik in the coming year. Besides ..

Miranda Kerr & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Naked Video

Miranda Kerr & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Naked Video

For the second time in less than a week (first time here) we are seeing model Miranda Kerr airing out her filthy vagina in public. This time it is in a video with her gaggle of whore friends, including “Transformers 3” star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Clearly these whores made this video to try and seduce us ..

Miranda Kerr Flashes Her Vagina

Miranda Kerr Flashes Her Vagina

Victoria’s Secret model and Orlando Bloom’s cum receptacle Miranda Kerr flashed her vagina while walking the runway in Milan yesterday. Miranda Kerr was modeling some stupid looking dress when she was overwhelmed with the desire to expose her vagina. So Miranda lifted up the dress, flashing her see through lace panties and disgusting lady parts ..

Oil Sheik Purchases Victoria’s Secret Models

Oil Sheik Muhammed Abdullah Menish purchased Victoria’s Secret models Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Miranda Kerr for an afternoon of entertainment at his palace in Dubai. Sheik Menish reportedly purchased the models for 15 million US dollars. He then had the girls frolic in this pool while photos were taken before retiring to the palace ..

Miranda Kerr Naked In GQ Magazine

Victoria’s Secret model and Orlando Bloom’s bang toy Miranda Kerr posed naked for the upcoming issue of GQ magazine. What the hell did Orlando Bloom ever do to deserve to plow Miranda Kerr every night. Sure those elf and pirate movies he was in were pretty good, but it is not like he is a ..

Alessandra Ambrosio And Miranda Kerr In Lingerie

Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kerr posed in their Valentine’s Day lingerie for these pictures in Victoria’s Secret’s new catalog. As many of you unlucky in love girls are probably well aware Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and frankly I don’t want to hear any of your whining about how you can’t find a “good man”. ..

Miranda Kerr Poses Topless For 2010 Pirelli Calendar

Miranda Kerr and some other models posed topless for the 2010 Pirelli calendar. I have no idea who or what Pirelli is but it sounds European. That would probably explain why the girls are all topless. Many Americans don’t know that in Europe the women all walk around topless. That was the main reason why ..

Victoria Secret Lingerie Fashion Show 2009

Victoria Secret just held their annual lingerie fashion show, and once again Celeb Jihad was not invited to attend. If you are half as outraged at this snub as I was then I will need to pause for a moment to let you collect yourself….. When are those Zionist pigs at Victoria Secret going to ..

Miranda Kerr Shows Her Ass

Wow it must suck to be Orlando Bloom, between these pics of Miranda Kerr’s ass and these of her topless I’ve pretty much seen his girlfriend naked. How do you like that Mr hot shot movie star? I can picture your girl nude and do nasty things to her whenever I want and there isn’t ..

Miranda Kerr Nip Slip

Miranda Kerr, who is best known as the parking spot for Orlando Bloom’s penis, had a nip slip occur during a recent photo shoot for Speedo. Sure we have already posted topless pics of Miranda Kerr here, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy checking in on the state of her nipples every once and ..

Miranda Kerr Topless at the Beach

Miranda Kerr is a beautiful Victoria Secret model, but she is probably best known as the place where Orlando Bloom parks his manhood. Why a beauty like Miranda is wasting her feminine wiles on a man like Orlando Bloom is beyond me. As evident from his “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies Orlando is incapable of ..