Miley Cyrus’ Ass Is Back Making Music

Miley Cyrus ass

As you can see from the photos above and video clip below, pop star Miley Cyrus makes her triumphant return to showing off her ass cheeks in the music video for her new single “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart”.

Clearly Miley thinks that if she flaunts her booty meat no one will notice what horrible music she makes because they will be too focused on her being a tremendous whore. Frankly it is not a bad strategy, and it has certainly worked reasonably well for her so far.

Miley Cyrus topless

That is why it comes as no surprise to see that the cover art for Miley Cyrus’ new album appears to be her standing topless with the expression she makes when the record label executive shoves it in her rectum… Speaking of which, if Miley would just release a single of her guttural moans while getting her anus hole stretched open it would instantly be the best track she ever recorded… Just ahead of “Party In The USA”.