“Mean Girls” Cast Where Are They Now? Nude Edition

Mean Girls

October 3rd is “Mean Girls Day”, which is a day that celebrates the 2004 classic teen comedy “Mean Girls”.

Believe it or not us Muslims can relate to the storyline in this film, for our multiple wives are often breaking off into cliques and picking on each other (even though most of them aren’t high school age yet). In my extensive experience I find it best to mercilessly beat any woman who causes disharmony in my household, but I guess the sensitive crybaby infidels wouldn’t find a movie about that very funny.

Without further ado, let us spend “Mean Girls Day” taking a look back at the “Mean Girls” cast with the nude photos below along with an update of where each of the actresses is now.

Mean Girls nude

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan nude

Lindsay Lohan is the star of “Mean Girls”, and after the movie she continued to star in many blockbuster hits while racking up numerous Academy Awards. She is currently considered one of the darlings of Hollywood.

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams nude

Rachel McAdams had to gain a considerable amount of weight to play the character Regina George in the film. Unfortunately this led to Rachel developing a serious eating disorder, and she quickly ballooned to over 600lbs. Sadly in late 2012 Rachel succumbed to heart disease, and had to be crane lifted from her small family home in suburban Baton Rogue, Louisiana.

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried nude

The bad luck continued for the “Mean Girls” cast with actress Amanda Seyfried. Amanda’s character “Karen” boasted in the film that her boobs tingled when it rains. Well that tingling turned out to be stage 4 breast cancer, and Amanda deteriorated rapidly passing away not long after the movie’s release.

Lacey Chabert

Lacey Chabert nude

After “Mean Girls’ Lacey Chabert quit acting to follow her true passion of event planning, forming the company “Fetch Entertainment LLC”. Which according to the company’s website specializes in parties of five.

Lizzy Caplan

Lizzy Caplan nude

In “Mean Girls” Lizzy Caplan plays a flaming lesbodyke named “Janis”. Fearful of being typecast as a gay, Lizzy made certain that all her future roles had her engaging in graphic sex with men. This ultimately led to Lizzy staring a new career in porn under the name “Alexis Cockgobbler”.

Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler nude

Amy Poehler plays Regina George’s “cool mom” in the film. Unfortunately in real life Amy’s kids don’t think she is so cool, as child services had them removed from Amy’s care six years ago due to severe neglect and abuse. They have been in and out of foster homes ever since.

Tina Fey

Amy Poehler nude

Not only did Tina Fey write the script for “Mean Girls”, but she appears in the film as well. However Tina’s multitasking didn’t end there, for not long after the movie’s release DEA agents raided Tina’s home and discovered over 100lbs of black tar heroin. She is currently serving a 30 year federal prison sentence for felony possession with intent to distribute.