Kim Kardashian Nude, Kylie Jenner Bikini Selfie

Kim Kardashian nude

The slutty sibling rivalry between Kim Kardashian and her younger sister and heir apparent Kylie Jenner rages on as Kim once again prostitutes her nasty nude body in the photo above, and Kylie responds with a revealing bikini selfie in the photo below.

Kylie Jenner bikini

The fact that Kim Kardashian is so willing to expose her nude body should give her a considerable edge over Kylie, but one must factor in that Kim is 35-years-old (which means she is about 152 in whore years) while Kylie is still 18-years-old.

Yes even though both of these gypsy skanks have been repeatedly infected with nig nog AIDS after laying with filthy dirt skin Sub-Saharan men, Kim certainly has quite a many more miles on her lady bits (which she nicknamed “cell block K” for all of the black men that she has housed up inside of it).

Kim Kardashian GQ

Despite all of this, Kim’s willingness to get down and dirty (in photos like the one above) will help her maintain her place as the top Kardashian whore for now. If Kylie wants to seriously make a run at Kim’s crown then she must stop pussyfooting around and show her pussy.