Kelly Clarkson’s Fat American Ass In A Swimsuit Pics

Kelly Clarkson’s Fat American Ass In A Swimsuit Pics

What I thought was a set of pictures of an orca whale devouring a baby seal, turned out to be none other than American Idol season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson’s fat ass in a swimsuit. With all the tsunamis we’ve been having lately, Kelly Clarkson going into the ocean right now is not just insensitive, ..

Kelly Clarkson Still Totally Not Fat

Kelly Clarkson Still Totally Not Fat

Breaking news! American Idol Season 1 winner and famed pop singer Kelly Clarkson is still totally not fat! Sure her hips are ridiculously wide and testing the will of the denim in her jeans, but that doesn’t mean she is fat. OK yeah her ass is huge, her arms are flabby, and she has a ..

Kelly Clarkson Is Not Fat… Seriously!

Kelly Clarkson was at the American Music Awards last night looking totally not fat. OK so her arms are huge… and her legs… and her face, stomach, thighs, and chest. That doesn’t mean Kelly Clarkson is fat! I’d describe Kelly as “comfortable”. She looks like a plush sofa, or a warm bath. You know something ..

This Just In: Kelly Clarkson Is Still Fat

Breaking news! Kelly Clarkson is still fat! Celeb Jihad was first to report Kelly Clarkson was fat a few months ago. Now we are shocked to find that we are still right. The picture above is a very recent picture of Kelly Clarkson. As you can see the singer is wandering around looking for salad ..

Kelly Clarkson Announces Tour Dates

Brace yourselves, Kelly Clarkson is about to hit the road, and scientists think the resulting earthquake may be catastrophic. Kelly has announced the dates for her upcoming “Taste the Music” tour on her website. According to Kelly she included “smaller more delicious venues” so she is better able to connect with her fans. The tour ..

Kelly Clarkson Has Gotten Huge

Break out the flour boys Kelly Clarkson is officially a porker! Just look at the size of this girl. Is this some sort of publicity stunt to attract black guys to her music? Fat celebrities deserve our ridicule, so lets hear your Kelly Clarkson fat jokes. Post them in the comments section below