Katy Perry Nude With A New Passion

Katy Perry nude

Washed-up pop star Katy Perry poses nude in the photo above as she celebrates finding her newest passion.

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It is great to see that Katy Perry has so enthusiastically embraced becoming a full time cum slut, for it is important for her to find something to occupy her time as she makes the difficult transitions from A-list celebrity to irrelevant has-been.

Of course in five years Katy will have been out of the spotlight long enough to cash in on the infidel masses’ nostalgia by headlining a show in Las Vegas. Until then she is no doubt going to keep busy by taking numerous loads of warm sticky cum to her slutty face.

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In fact, Katy Perry appears to be so excited about her new favorite pastime that she shares it with other pop divas who will soon be just as irrelevant as she is, as her and Ariana Grande partake in a dripping load of baby batter in the photo above.