Katharine McPhee Nude Leak Preview

Katharine McPhee bikini

Actress, singer, and homewrecker, Katharine McPhee just had a censored nude preview photo from her upcoming leak released online.

Katharine McPhee’s impending nude leak may be the most anticipated of the year. Of course there is no denying that the big leaks so far this year of Alison Brie and Sarah Hyland certainly did live up to expectations in the depravity department (with Sarah even exceeding them with her lesbodyking and video), and the word is that Katharine will also not disappoint the degenerate infidel masses.

Katharine McPhee stomach

Of course Katharine McPhee has the most well put together and immodestly feminine body of the bunch, so us pious Muslims will certainly be thoroughly outraged when we get to see it naked.

Katharine McPhee bra

Luckily for Katharine our righteous rage towards her brazen sluttery will be quelled somewhat by the sheer number of other celebrity nude photos that will soon be leaked online. However, we will not forgive nor forget what we see, and she can expect to receive a strongly worded fatwa denouncing in painstaking detail every contour and curve of her blasphemous nude flesh.