Kaley Cuoco Topless Behind-The-Scenes Of “The Big Bang Theory”

Kaley Cuoco schoolgirl

It has been a well kept secret in heathen Hollywood that for years actress Kaley Cuoco has been tormenting both cast and crew on her hit TV show “The Big Bang Theory” by flaunting her sinful female body behind-the-scenes, as you can see in the photos above and below.

Kaley Cuoco topless

Whether it be by wearing a slutty schoolgirl costume, or by walking out of her dressing room naked with her robe open and her bare boobies on full display, there is no denying that these pics prove that Kaley Cuoco has made “The Big Bang Theory” set a hostile work environment.

One can only imagine the utter agony of having to go into work every day knowing that at any moment you could be accosted with the vile sight of Kaley’s nude body. Clearly Kaley should provide some sort of restitution for all of those poor souls effected by her whorish behavior, but sadly barbaric Western laws provide no avenue to balance the scales of justice. This of course provides yet another example of why holy Sharia law is vastly superior to any other law code, for in the civilized Islamic world Kaley’s victims would be able to take her to Sharia court and win the ultimate big bang judgement of being the first to throw the stones at her lapidation.