Jordyn Jones 18-Years-Old And Finally Nude

Jordyn Jones nude

Just months after her 18th birthday, social media star Jordyn Jones appears to have finally posed fully nude in the photo above and completely topless in the one below.

Jordyn Jones nude topless

Of course us pious Muslims have been waiting a LONG time to see Jordyn Jones naked… And if you think that just because Jordyn is now practically an old maid it has dampened our enthusiasm you’d be wrong. For as you can see in the photo below, without makeup on Jordyn still very much has the halal appearance of a girl of a proper breeding age.

Jordyn Jones no makeup

Yes it is certainly not too late for Jordyn to fulfill her destiny, and put her tight nubile body to good use as a concubine of a virile Muslim man.

With that in mind, Jordyn’s father should know that I am prepared to honor my generous offer (which I made years ago) of a half dozen goats and bushel of figs. However my patience wears thin, and if he wants to play hardball again by threatening to call the police I’ll have no choice but to withdrawal my proposal completely.

Jordyn Jones racist

Although if Jordyn keeps putting out tweets like this I may go the other direction and up my dowry offer significantly.