Hot Isabel Lucas Screen Caps From Transformers 2

You may know Australian actress Isabel Lucas from her role as “Hot Girl #2” (opposite Megan Fox’s character “Hot Girl #1”) in this summer’s blockbuster hit Transformers 2. Here are the screen caps from Isabel Lucas award winning performance in the the film (my penis gave her an award). Besides a few shots of Megan ..

Isabel Lucas on the Beach

Here are a few pics of Isabel Lucas from Transformers 2 showing some skin on the beach. These pictures confirm my assessment that, though Isabel is hot, she is not as hot as Megan Fox. I give Megan the edge in butt, breasts, and face. The only 3 categories that really matter when judging a ..

Is Isabel Lucas Hotter Than Megan Fox?

Isabel Lucas co-stars with Megan Fox in the new Transformers movie, but does she co-star with her on the hotness scale? I think Isabel would be very close to rivaling Megan if she just trimmed her eyebrows and got bigger breasts. Here are some pics of Isabel Lucas from the Transformers premiere and FHM. You ..