Halle Berry Ultimate Nude Scene

The video above combines Halle Berry’s two most famous nude scenes from the films “Swordfish” and “Monster’s Ball” to form her ultimate nude scene.

Halle Berry nude Swordfish

Of course it is difficult to say which Halle Berry nude scene is worse, for in “Swordfish” not only are Halle’s sinfully bare brown boobies clearly visible while she sits around topless, but she is reading a book as well… Both of which are activities strictly forbidden of women by the holy Qur’an.

Halle Berry nude Monsters Ball

However, in “Monster’s Ball” Halle actually has real sex onscreen with Billy Bob Thorton, as you can see in the behind-the-scenes photo above.

Yes it is certainly difficult to say which Halle Berry nude scene was the most offensive to our pious Muslims eyes… But in the end Halle’s brief tit slip in the film “Frankie & Alice” below takes the cake.

Halle Berry nude Frankie Alice

For to see Halle running around with the disheveled fur on her head sticking up while her Sub-Saharan milk sack is out flapping in the breeze like this is beyond disturbing.