Felicity Jones Covered Nude Selfie And Outtake Photo

Felicity Jones nude selfie

“Star Wars” star Felicity Jones teasingly barely covers her tits in the nude selfie above and magazine outtake photo below.

Felicity Jones naked

If Felicity Jones thinks that by coyly posing nude but not fully revealing her sex organs she can avoid the righteous Sharia stoning squad she is sorely mistaken!

In fact, nothing enrages us pious Muslims more than a whore’s false modesty. For the holy Qur’an is very clear that any amount of visible female flesh is a blasphemy, and so any woman who does not wear the burka is a hopeless degenerate deserving of rape and a vicious lapidation to send her off to burn in the eternal hellfire.

Felicity Jones sign

Yes Felicity Jones may think she is being sexy and alluring with these covered nude photos, but she will soon find out that the hardest banging she’ll receive will be from the stones of justice