Emma Watson’s First Nude Lesbian Movie Coming Soon

Emma Watson lesbian

As you can see from the photo above the inevitable appears to have finally happened, and Emma Watson’s long awaited nude lesbian sex movie “Ms Regina Goes To Washington” has reportedly been given the green light and will appear in a limited theatrical release some time in November (the dykiest month).

In this film Emma will play renowned 1970’s feminist activist and flaming lesboqueer Regina Munchkin, and it will follow her political fight to establish female dominance over the pathetically weak and emasculated infidel men… And as you can see from the nude scene above featuring Emma running cold water over her swollen and sore sex bits, this film is going to feature a ton of hardcore girl-on-girl action.

Emma Watson lesbian sex

Of course the lesbain sex scenes are going to be “tasteful” and not gratuitously graphic, as you can see in the screen cap above from a scene in which Emma has First Lady Lady Bird Johnson over for an “evening snack”.

Emma Watson lesbian sex

However with that said, there are still important historical moments that must be accurately portrayed. Particularly the one in the photo above in which Regina establishes herself as the Rosa Parks of the feminist movement by refusing to close her legs (despite repeated requests from the staff) while not wearing panties in bar of the famed Willard InterContinental Hotel in DC.