Emma Watson Surprising Side Boob

Emma Watson side boob

Actress Emma Watson shows a surprising amount of side boob in the recently released outtakes above from a photo shoot with “jewphoto”.

Emma Watson nude

Of course what is surprising about Emma’s side boob is not that she is showing it off (for she has been a brazen witch whore since childhood), but rather that Emma has this much side boob to flaunt. For as you can see from the nude photo above, Emma was clearly a card carrying member of the itty bitty titty committee.

Obviously something has changed, and one can not help but suspect that the evil Jew science of plastic surgery has something to do with it. But would Emma really abandon her feminist ideals, and undergo surgery to conform with the beauty standards of the oppressive male patriarchy? …Of course she would! For at the end of the day Emma is still a woman, and so she yearns to be desired and possessed by a powerful high value male.