Eliza Dushku Nude Scene From “The Alphabet Killer”

Eliza Dushku nude Alphabet Killer

The video clip below features Eliza Dushku’s topless nude scene from the film “The Alphabet Killer”.

As you can see, in this movie Eliza kills people with her sloppy C cup titties. Unfortunately for Eliza if she tried attacking a powerful Muslim with her C’s he would easily defeat her by slapping her across the face with his enormous D.

Eliza Dushku

It is certainly surprising that this is only one of two nude scenes Eliza Dushku has done in her long career in heathen Hollywood (the other can be seen here). Especially considering her dopey depraved expression and cold soulless eyes.

Eliza Dushku bikini

Naturally, us pious Muslims would be perfectly happy never to have seen Eliza’s blasphemous nude flesh. Although there was a brief moment in time when her body was halal… Of course I’m referring to her “True Lies” child star days, and not the disgustingly immodest bikini photo above.