Vanessa Hudgens Claims To Pwn Noobs

Vanessa Hudgens Xbox 360

Vanessa Hudgens and her white slave girl Hilda were photographed leaving a Best Buy with a brand new Xbox 360.

Vanessa was in a jovial mood while eating from what appears to be a big bag of drugs. She shouted to the photographer that she was going to “Pwn your n00b ass” and that “I’m so 1337 my modeling book is all head shots.”

Wow Vanessa Hudgens certainly sounds like a serious gamer. We know she will have no problem fitting into the gamer community because “tits or GTFO” will have little effect when she can just reply “Google them bitch”.

However, I can not help but be concerned with how gaming will effect Vanessa’s relationship with Zac Efron. Let us hope that Call of Duty does not stop her from fulfilling her girlfriend duties. I would hate for Zac Efron to have to go through the indignity of having to sign on to Xbox Live just to tell Vanessa Hudgens “make me a sandwich bitch”.