Top 12 Sexy Jessica Simpson Gifs

Jessica Simpson gifs

Jessica Simpson is fat worthless used up whore. If she isn’t busy stuffing cupcakes down her bloated gullet, she is ramming strange c*ck in her flabby vagina. Now that we got that out of the way. Jessica Simpson is engaged!

Yes some poor fool named Eric Johnson has decided to marry Jessica Simpson. Needless to say papa Joe Simpson must have been offering a lucrative dowry. Has this “groom to be” seen Jessica lately? She is as big as a house and in no condition to operate a plow, talk about worthless. Not to mention she is damaged goods, having already been discarded by her first husband.

I can not help but suspect that this dumb bastard is being tricked into marrying Jessica Simpson. It is possible that her family has only shown him pics of her from pre-2004. Who am I to ruin their little scam? So Eric here is a collection of GIFs of the hot piece of ass you will soon by calling your wife. Congrats! *snicker



Jessica Simpson gif

How did Jessica learn to move like that? It is amazing she has been able to maintain her maidenhead all these years. *snicker



Jessica Simpson gif

Jessica Simpson is as smart as she is skinny. This is definitely a woman you can talk things out with.



Jessica Simpson gif

Jessica suiting up to go hunt for some chicken of the sea.



Jessica Simpson gif

Focus Jessica those tits aren’t going to soap themselves up.



Jessica Simpson gif

Jessica Simpson’s wedding dress? Probably she is a backwoods hick from Texas.



Jessica Simpson gif

Jessica shows some hustle while fetching a man a beer.



Jessica Simpson gif

Jessica doing some stretches for her upcoming wedding night. Don’t worry Eric it definitely won’t feel like you are f*cking the ocean. *snicker



Jessica Simpson gif

The one hole on Jessica Simpson’s body that may still have some elasticity.



Jessica Simpson gif

Mmm just wait until she empties out the ashtrays and vacuums the interior, now that will be hot.



Jessica Simpson gif

Ugh truck stop hookers are more subtle with their sex appeal than Jessica.



Jessica Simpson gif

She got it from her momma, unfortunately she lost it to Ben & Jerry.



Jessica Simpson gif

Jessica is not only this enthusiastic with ice cream if you get my drift. *wink *wink *nudge *nudge. She also has a firm grasp on nutrition and knows the importance of eating a sensible diet. *wink *wink *nudge *nudge