Top 10 Hottest World Cup Girls

Hot World Cup girls

With the 2018 World Cup taking place in Russia, the infidel masses are currently gripped by football fever. Of course us mighty Muslims have little interest in such a silly game, as we partake in sports made for real men like stoning immoral women, camel racing, tossing homosexuals off of buildings, and table tennis.

Besides in the game of football the quality of the athlete on the field makes little difference, as it is the country’s whores in the stands that inevitably determine the outcome (which explains why Muslim nations don’t win every match). So let us take a look at the top 10 “hottest” World Cup girls below, and see which nation is going to win the title.

#10 Peru

Peru World Cup girl

Peru is just happy to have qualified for this World Cup and it shows, as this collection of sloppy sluts with their saggy tits hanging out is a pitiful display.

#9 Sweden

Swedish World Cup girl

Us Muslim know firsthand what nasty horny whores Swedish girls can be. As you can see from this viking vixen, Sharia law can not come to Sweden soon enough.

#8 Poland

Poland World Cup girl

Poland is one of the few European nations foolish enough to not welcome cultural enrichment from the hordes of Muslim invaders refugees. No wonder this poor Polish girl looks so sexually frustrated!

#7 Brazil

Brazilian World Cup girl

Brazil is well known for its football prowess, but with filthy Rio hookers with shoddy back-alley boob jobs cheering them on, they stand little chance of making it far in this tournament.

#6 Colombia

Colombian World Cup girl

This Colombian girl has a nice smile… And 3 kilos of pure cocaine smuggled up inside of her rectum.

#5 Russia

Russian World Cup girl

As the host nation Russia has the advantage of having many of its homegrown whores in the stands. This one looks like she’d take a load to her face for half a bottle of vodka and some cold potato soup.

#4 Germany

German World Cup girl

This German soccer fan is no doubt praying that Chancellor Angela Merkel let in more of us virile Muslims, so that she can get her Aryan anus hole properly pounded.

#3 Argentina

Argentinian World Cup girl

Not only is this Argentinian girl reasonably good looking, but she has her tits out as well. This is the kind of effort her team needs, but unfortunately for her it won’t be enough to overcome Messi choking worse than Cristiano Ronaldo in a steam room trying to suck down 3 dicks at once.

#2 Belgium

Belgian World Cup girl

This Belgian fan has the face of an angel yet she wears the horns of a devil. Truly this is an accurate representation of the dichotomy of femininity.

#1 Spain

Spanish World Cup girl

An attractive Spanish girl with her breasts fully out and a tit gap wide enough to fit a soccer ball (or Muslim tunic snake)… You heard it here first, Spain is going to win the 2018 World Cup.