Taylor Swift Has New Scandalous Private Pic Leaked?

Taylor Swift

Is this a new scandalous private pic of country music super star Taylor Swift? Taylor Swift is known for sometimes wearing a brunette wig as she did in the photo below from her music video for the hit song “You Belong With Me”.

Taylor Swift

The photo above looks exactly like Taylor Swift trying to hide her identity in a brunette wig while still getting her kicks from photographing her nearly nude unremarkable body. Of course her tits look a little large in the pic, but that could be attributed to the infidel science of push-up bras.

The only thing still making me question this picture being of Taylor Swift, is the fact that Taylor Swift would never take a picture like this, and by that I mean that I would expect Taylor Swift’s private pics to be of her fully nude with at least 6 or 7 objects stuffed firmly in her various orifices.

What do you think? Is this another Taylor Swift scandalous private pic?