‘Spice Girl’ Geri Halliwell Topless Pics

Geri Halliwell topless

Geri Halliwell, better known as “Ginger Spice” (a nickname given to her because of her love of Asian men, opium, and the various other vices of the Orient) was photographed topless on a yacht.

Only a used up kuffar whore like Geri Halliwell would be so brazen as to expose her floppy old lady tits like this. Did she really think no one was going to see her just because she was on a boat in the middle of the ocean? Not to mention the fact that Allah sees all and he despises women’s tits (especially saggy ones), so Geri has obviously offended him greatly.

As you can see in the topless pictures below, former “Spice Girl” Geri Halliwell is one immoral tramp. When Islam completes its conquest of the West Geri Halliwell will pay for her crime and her tits will finally serve a useful purpose as sacks for my goat’s milk. Allahu Akbar!


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