Sequel To Controversial Muhammad Film Announced

Muhammad film

Famed Muslim directors the Asad brothers (pictured below) have announced that they will be making a sequel to the blasphemous infidel movie “The Innocence of Muslims”, a film which has sparked justifiable violence against the West throughout the Islamic world.


The Asad brothers

The sequel is tentatively titled “The Prophet Muhammad Rises”, and will be a reboot of the Muhammad story which will portray the blessed Prophet in a much more accurate light.

In the film Muhammad will return to our time to sex hot women and smite the Zionist invaders (think an orgy meets the Holocaust). The violence against the Jews will be graphic, and the sex scenes will be extremely sensual yet tasteful as the shots below from the screen test of Muhammad dominating a whore show.

Muhammad dominates a whore

Infidel actor Hugh Jackman is being considered for the role of Muhammad since he has already begun growing a beard. If he is willing to convert to Islam and take daily testosterone injections for the next 6 months he may just become manly enough to pull off portraying our beloved Prophet. Allahu Akbar!

Hugh Jackman beard

Hugh Jackman to play Muhammad?