Sarah Hyland Flaunting Her Cleavage GIF

Sarah Hyland cleavage

“Modern Family” star and poor man’s Mila Kunis, Sarah Hyland flaunts her cleavage in the GIF above.

Sarah Hyland looks like a 14-year-old, which is to say us virile Muslim men would be interested in fornicating with her. Unfortunately for Sarah she will never know the unimaginable pleasure of riding a Muslim’s mighty meat stallion as this GIF demonstrates she has no shame of her sinful female body.

The Qur’an teaches us that a woman’s body is a blasphemous thing which us men must reluctantly endure for the sake of procreation. So as a pious Muslim I don’t care how young Sarah Hyland would look in the shower with her hair slicked back, if she is going to immodestly flaunt her breasts at me my manhood will go flaccid out of righteous indignation.