Rihanna Wears Slutty Swimsuit Of The Future

Rihanna swimsuit

When it comes to sexual deviance pop star Rihanna has always been ahead of the curve. Besides serving as a human petri dish for all sorts of exotic sexual diseases, Rihanna is constantly pushing her whorish behavior to the extreme, as is the case in this slutty swimsuit from the future.

Rihanna’s futuristic whore swimsuit appears to be made of space age materials designed by Jew scientists to perfectly outline a woman’s breasts and vagina. Truly a sickening invention!

These Rihanna swimsuit pics provide further proof that only Islam can save the world from slipping further and further into immorality. Islam must complete its destiny and conquer the West before swimsuits like the one Rihanna is wearing in the pics below infest the planet and offend our Muslim sensibilities.


Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna
Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna