Rachel Bilson Is Hot White Trash

Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson looks “trailer trash chic” in her belly shirt and cut off jean shorts on the set of her new snuff film.

Of course this is all a plot by the Zionists who control Hollywood to romanticize American white trash. In reality your common American is a hideous flabby monster. A pious Muslim on vacation from the Holy Land who happens into a Wal-Mart might think he has been transported into the depths of hell with all the demon freaks that are lurking amongst the cheap merchandise.

The Zionists do not want the moronic American gentile populace to see themselves for what they are and become disenchanted, so they have gorgeous girls like Rachel Bilson dress up like typical American slobs. Rachel Bilson could wear a potato sack and still look sexy, so by making this white trash uniform look good it makes Americans feel good about their horrible appearances. Their drug addled brains think “Rachel Bilson looks good. I dress like that I must look good too.”

Yes Rachel Bilson in a belly shirt and cutoff jeans is nothing more than a Zionist ploy to pacify their American slaves by giving them unwarranted feelings of self-satisfaction, so they do not feel the need to question the Zionist control of the world banking system and the illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel. Allahu Akbar!


Rachel Bilson Rachel Bilson Rachel Bilson
Rachel Bilson Rachel Bilson Rachel Bilson