Kim Kardashian Is A Bad Girl Video

Kim Kardashian video

Porn star Kim Kardashian isn’t the innocent girl she likes to pretend to be.

Sure she released a sex tape, posed for Playboy, and has had more black guys stuffed inside of her than Rikers island, but that hasn’t stopped Kim Kardashian from cultivating a “good girl” image in the mainstream media which has allowed her to make millions of dollars in endorsement deals.

Hopefully all that is is about to change with the video below. In the video not only does Kim shows off her enormous ass crack to her mom and sisters, but she also tries on various “sexy” outfits for her initiation gang bang into the LA street gang known as “the bloods” (which she passes as she is wearing the gang’s color red in the last scene).

As you can see Kim Kardashian is nothing but a filthy Armenian whore, and it is about time she brought to justice under Sharia law. Allahu Akbar!